Our Clubs

The leadership of Miras College decided to decorate the student life of our youth with new colors. Only this time, instead of brushes and paints, exotic sensations that students can get while working in clubs of interest went into play. A diverse palette of sensations is given to each interested student by the leadership of Miras College, and completely free of charge.

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Karting club

Sport and entertainment, racing on the cards - the simplest racing cars without a body. Speed ​​card (class "Supercart") can reach 260 km / h.



Trap shooting

A kind of shooting sport. Shotgun originates in the distant past, when the nobility had fun shooting at a flying target. In the Middle Ages, live birds were used as targets, most often pigeons that were thrown out from shelters. Shooting is carried out from 12-gauge smoothbore guns using shot cartridges (pellet diameter not more than 2.5 mm) at flying skeet targets. If you hit even a few. The modern Olympic program includes three shotgun disciplines: a round stand (skit), a trench stand (gangway) and a double-gangway.



Eco sunday

Miras Recreation Area, the name of the place where every student can have fun and excitement to spend his Sunday in the fresh mountain air, which makes it possible to relax mentally and forget about the bustle of the city.




A team sport in which the goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal with their feet or other parts of the body more times than the opposing team. Currently the most popular and massive sport in the world.




A healthy lifestyle is an indicator of success and self-confidence. Classes in our gym increase the tone of the body and the level of physical fitness.




Team, military tactical game.

An analogue of a team game, better known as Airsoft, using "soft pneumatics" using plastic balls that do not contain coloring pigments



Miras Charity Club

The Miras Charity Club is a charity project of our students, which are united by one of the greatest spiritual qualities - indifference.




A sport, a team sports game in which two teams compete on a special platform, divided by a net, trying to direct the ball to the opponent’s side so that it lands on the opponent’s court (to finish off the floor), or the player of the defending team makes a mistake. Moreover, to organize an attack, players of one team are allowed no more than three touches of the ball in a row (in addition to touching on the block).



Club Paintball

Team game with the use of markers (air gun), shooting balls with paint (gelatin shell with food paint), which are smashed upon hitting an obstacle and coloring it.



Trampoline Jumping

Complex coordination sport, including individual jumps, synchronized jumps, jumps on an acrobatic track and jumps on a double mini trump.






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