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An important auxiliary factor in college is the activity of the psychological service. The activity of a psychologist is a necessary component in the educational process, ensuring the development of personal, intellectual and professional potential of students. Promoting the full-fledged personal development of students at this age stage, the formation of their ability to self-education and self-development; diagnosis of individual characteristics, the identification of their interests, inclinations and abilities; identification of possible negative factors in the development of the student’s personality, their timely overcoming; assistance in building constructive relationships with parents, teachers, peers, in solving problems of socialization; development of recommendations for their elimination and prevention; assisting the teaching staff in managing the learning process of students - a list of issues within the competence of a college psychologist. The college has a separate office of a teacher-psychologist, which is also an office for self-knowledge lessons.


  • “Conflict and ways out of it” training seminar

    Recently, it has been happening that young people, adults have a lack of understanding, a quick bias towards aggression, impunity and innocence of people close to our soul, the will to insignificant emotions and experiences of their loved ones and friends. The reason is what ?! Of course, now globalization, peaceful life, and, of course, the time of neutrotechnology. All this cannot but affect the human psyche. And if we are not able to touch others, then we cannot take away a lot of something.

  • Diagnostic work on self-destruction of adolescence on a project from bes terek

    From 24. 02.2020 to 02.25.2020, educational organizations conducted work within the framework of the Bes terek project for educational psychologists. In the course of work, a quiz “House. Person. Tree ”, surveys, questionnaires,“ Family drawing ”, essays on the theme“ My dream ”or“ My family ”, methods“ Different colors of M. Lusher ”.

  • Preventive work for suicidal teens

    Suicide is a disease of the youth of the world.

    Some of our teens have problems, setbacks or setbacks in love stories, excessive family demands, and feelings of loneliness in the world as a result of negative thoughts and emotions. Choose dark paths. With the participation of specialists on this issue, the college held a number of educational events for students. Special videos and brochures were distributed explaining that emotional instability as a result of biological development and acceleration in adolescence is the norm.

  • Work with students who have arrived at the practice

    In the period from 02/17/2020 to 02/28/2020, students of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Miras University came to our college to exchange experiences and put their knowledge into practice. Future specialists learned to work with students, work with large and younger groups. In the course of the practice, future specialists worked closely with students. In particular, part of the field of art therapy has learned to work with picture therapy and get results, mastering in depth the ways of processing the results of the questionnaire. Students who arrived for an exchange of experience have proved that they are ready-made professionals.

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