WorldSkills is an international non-profit movement whose goal is to increase the prestige of working professions and develop skills of mastery.

The mission of WorldSkills Kazakhstan is to formulate mechanisms for staffing high-tech industries in technical professions based on international standards, including mechanisms for vocational guidance, training, the formation of expert communities and increased labor productivity.

Basic goals:

Identification of the best world practices of vocational training of youth and their introduction into the system of technical and vocational education (hereinafter - TVE) of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Stimulation of innovative processes and the introduction of new training technologies in the TVE system of Kazakhstan;

Development of Kazakhstan's expert community through regular methodological assistance to improve curricula;

Improving the status of the person of labor and the prestige of technical professions.


Benchmark the best world standards for training personnel in the technical professions of high-tech industries;

To familiarize enterprises with modern standards for assessing the competence of workers, training, motivation and professional orientation of current and future employees;

Provide access to Kazakhstani specialists to the international database in the field of professional standards for a wide range of professional competencies;

To organize the participation of Kazakhstan in international professional skill competitions among students and young production workers;

Update national professional standards and educational programs in accordance with international requirements;

To train experts and curators at enterprises capable of organizing the improvement of the quality of in-house professional skills contests using the WorldSkills methodology;

Improve the quality of training in vocational education;

Improving skills and expanding the boundaries of knowledge and skills of youth.

Expected results:

Opening access to innovative forms of training;

Providing the opportunity to get acquainted with the best practices of training professional qualifications and high skills;

Expanding experience in participating in national and international professional skill competitions;

Assistance in integrating the TVE RK system with the best international practice of professional training;

Providing the opportunity for the TVE RK system to reach universally recognized international standards for the training of specialists.


Worldskills Competition Features

  1. Refereeing: use of the CIS system
  2. Business program, online broadcast
  3. English - the working language of the competition
  4. A set of competitive documents: technical description, tasks for 15-22 hours, infrastructure sheets, etc.
  5. Competitor: restriction - age 22 years
  6. Expert: co-author, mentor, jury member





Students and graduates of educational organizations, young workers and specialists aged 18 to 22 years can participate in WSK championships. For each profession, at least 5 people must participate. The total number of participants is not limited.

EXPERTS are masters of production, specialists in a certain competence. The experts, being mentors of the participants, represent them at the competition, also participate in the development and then evaluation of the competitive tasks of other participants.

LEADERS lead the team and coordinate the activities of the team during the WSK Championship. The team includes all participants from one organization.


Assessment using the CIS system


WorldSkills Movement

The WorldSkills movement is an international non-profit movement whose goal is to increase the prestige and popularization of working professions and the development of professional education by harmonizing the best world practices and professional standards through the organization and holding of professional skill contests both in each individual country and around the world as a whole.

The championship is a multifaceted event where leaders of government bodies and educational institutions, representatives of industry and public organizations meet, a place where the most important and relevant issues related to professional skill are discussed.



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