Student Service Center

The college has a Student Office and a Student Service Center (DSP).

Student Service Center (DSP) “Miras College” was established in 2018. The center advises students throughout the academic period. Each student receives answers to his questions.

The principles of the Center: confidentiality of information received, cooperation on the basis of trust, objectivity in resolving issues, providing reliable information.

The center is building a dialogue between the college administration and its students in a new format.

The goal is to provide high-quality and quick service to students on the principle of "one window". Providing full information upon student request.

The main activities of the student service center:

  • Carrying out activities for the provision of services / public services (receiving applications from students: enrollment, expulsion, restoration, transfers from other VET organizations and to other VET organizations, within the college, the provision of academic leave, issuance of a certificate to persons who have not completed technical and vocational education, the issuance of duplicate diplomas, the provision of free meals to certain categories of citizens, as well as to persons under guardianship (trusteeship) and patronage, the change of personal data, changes in the educational process for personnel;
  • Issue of bypass sheets;
  • Acceptance of documents for providing discounts for students on a paid basis;
  • Providing college students with grade books, student ID cards;
  • Informing, alerting and advising students and their representatives;
  • Advice on the receipt and provision of public services;
  • Ensuring timely and reliable input of information into the electronic database of students;
  • Registration and issuance of certificates, preparation of reporting and blank documentation on them;
  • Holding and participating in the organization of college events (graduation, holding meetings).
  • Preparation of letters of reply to written requests from official authorities;
  • Preparation of draft orders on student applications and on projects of structural units;
  • Storage of electronic materials on the composition of students;
  • Preparation of a report on the movement of students.


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