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The training program 6B06102 – “Programming and Development of Software Packages” is developed for training specialists in computer science and IT technology as part of the training of information and communication technologies.

The goal of the training program 6B06102 - “Programming and Development of Software Packages” is to train highly qualified personnel, provide with qualified professional specialists in the field of IT technologies with practical, communicative and leadership skills that correspond to contemporary requirements to specialists with higher education who are aware of the basics of modern mathematical methods, applied mathematics and computer science methods to solve problems in science, education, technology, economics, management and other areas of the economy, possess programming techniques that can quickly adjust to the dynamic updating in the professional field.

The relevance of the training program 6B06102 - “Programming and Development of Software Packages” implies training of specialists in the field of computer engineering and programming for various structures who have obtained skills to work in the programming environments that are in demand today.

The advantages of this training program are a wide selection of places for employment, well-paid, stable work, good career opportunities, as well as possibility of implementing individual entrepreneurial activities in the field of educational services.

The main objectives of the training program

Ensuring connection of the learning process with science development; organization of practice-oriented training;

Develop basic professional competencies among future specialists;

Designing an architecture of components of hardware and software systems, human-machine interface of hardware and software systems;

Ability to create components of computer systems for information processing and management, production of programs and software systems of a given quality; ability to test and debug hardware and software systems; certification of objects of professional activity; training;

Installation, configuration and maintenance of system, tool and application software for computing systems and networks; maintenance of software products of various systems;

Analysis of theoretical and experimental research methods, algorithms, programs, hardware-software complexes and systems;

Creation of prerequisites for independent research and analytical activities of students;

Instilling skills in working with various information, using national and international experience in professional activities, systematizing the information received;

Formation and development of social and personal qualities: determination, industriousness, responsibility, citizenship, tolerance, adherence to ethical standards, the ability to work in a team;

Assistance to graduates of the training program in employment by organizing professional practice.

Key competencies in the training program

Mastery of the main categories of dbms, cloud technology, big data management, iot and client-server architecture of computing systems;

Application of modern software products, such as ms sql server, my sql, oracle, android studio;

Ability to test, package, operate and maintain ready-made software products under modern operating systems windows, linux, android and ios;

Programming in javascript, java, php, c, html, css for multifunctional tasks;

Applying software and hardware to develop modern operating systems and other software projects considering the principles of reliability and fault tolerance, designing real-time systems, processing distributed data using parallel computers running windows server, netware operating systems, based on customer / consumer requirements;

Designing algorithms and writing programs according to customer requirements in modern programming languages, such as c #, java, javascript, python, php, providing application functionality under modern operating systems windows, linux, android and ios;

Ability to test, package, operate and maintain ready-made software products under modern operating systems windows, linux, android and ios.

Types of professional activity

Analytical (analyzes of flows of big data in the field of big data, predicts expected results);

Organizational (organizes the architecture of computer systems and corporate networks, taking into account the requirements);

Production and management (manages and controls processes in production, regulates the progress of industrial processes);

Design (designs and develops a database of software products and computer models according to the terms of reference);

Research (produces research work in the field of education, industry and information and communication technologies).

Employability prospects for specialists

Secondary comprehensive and specialized schools, colleges, gymnasiums, institutes, universities, education departments and other organizations in the field of education;;

Research institutes and other institutions of various sectors of the economy;

Clinics, rehabilitation, medical centers and other organizations in the field of healthcare;

Financial, credit and insurance institutions; State and local authorities;

Transport, telecommunication companies;

Branches of mechanical engineering, machine tool industry, metallurgical complexes;

Agriculture and services;

National and international companies;

Government bodies at the republican and local levels;

Economic, financial, marketing, industrial, economic and analytical services of organizations of various industries, fields and forms of ownership.


Design and development of Desktop, Mobile and Web applications

Development, management and database management of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. 1C Programming

Organization, administration and security of computer systems and networks

Big Data, Data Mining

Author's approaches to multilevel study of foreign languages

Transformation of personal values and personal motivation. Adaptation to Stress and Mediation. Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Cultural and Spiritual Development



JSC "Kazakhtelecom"

LLP "Alma-TV"

ShB JSC ‘Transtelecom’


From the 1st year of stujdying to the following organizations:

Information and IT departments of all organizations

Telecommunication companies

Research centers

Education and Health


Insurance companies

Financial organizations

Government agencies

CAREER & INCOME (anually)

Oracle Database Administrator — from 1 375 000
to 1 925 000 KZT

.NET Developer — from 1 100 000 to 1 925 000 KZT

Java developer — up to 1 350 000 KZT

PHP programmer — up to 1 350 000 KZT

Programmer developer — from 1 100 000 to 1 260 000 KZT

Web Designer — from 1 100 000 KZT

Senior Frontend Developer — from 945 000 KZT


On the School basis

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Not applicable

  • Training period:
    3 years +
Second higher education

  • Documents:
    Diploma, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Job interview

  • Training period:
    Minimum 1 year 8 months
Based on TVE (College)

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Not applicable

  • Training period:
    Min: 2 years 6 months


198 000 KZT per year (Payment for credits)

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Dauletov Kalt. Department of Justice, System Administrator Zhaldybayev Salamat Muratovich, JSC "RTRK" Kazakhstan"

Taiman Abai. Programmer at Department of Internal Affaiers, South Kazakhstan

Marat Tukibayev. JSC "Airport Shymkent", engineer-electronics GPO

Kapkaev Damir. Joint-stock company "Kaspi Bank", Engineer of IT services support

Ustyuzhanin Anton. Copyright certificate of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (No. 0678 dated 04/14/16) for the development of the software product "Automated system for managing an educational process at a higher educational institution"

Bakhshiev Ibrahim. Silver medal at the II regional start-up project competition "My own business 2017", "Game server hosting"

Skripkin Mikhail. 2nd prize in the competition of scientific projects "Science", Astana, with the project "Development of mobile applications for transport services"