Full-time training

Online (Distance training)

The Training program 6B11101 - “Tourism. Hospitality Management” is developed to train specialists in the field of service and maintenance, owning best practices in the management of the restaurant business, tour operator; hoteliers carrying out operational management, strategic planning, quality audit and monitoring, marketing promotion of the hotel business on mass media platforms, perfect mastering of information technologies in the field of tourism and services.

The mission of the training program 6B11101 - “Tourism. Hospitality Management” is to achieve high quality educational services in the field of higher education, leadership in the national space in training personnel for the trainin g program via implementation of the Bologna process principles, the principles of multilingualism, application of innovative teaching technologies and modern quality standards in the tourism industry in the Turkestan region and in Kazakhstan in general.

The relevance of the training program 6B11101 - “Tourism. Hospitality Management” is outlined with a number of circumstances. Tourism is recognized by UNESCO as one of the leading areas of vocational education. Therefore, the training program 6B11101 - "Tourism. Hospitality Management” at present is at the top among students across the world. Tourism is an area of activity that covers the whole range of services for organizing leisure: from placing a client to forming a unique excursion program, drawing up a tourist route, meeting consumer demand for tourist and sanatorium-resort services of Kazakhstan citizens and foreign guests. This is a wide field for applying a wide variety of skills and abilities, where you can fully reveal your creative potential.

The advantages of this training program are a wide selection of places for employment, well-paid, stable work, good career opportunities, as well as the possibility of implementing individual entrepreneurial activities in the field of consulting services.

The main objectives of the training program

Improve communicative competence, which is the basis for professional activities of specialists in the field of services;

Train a specialist to develop and implement a tourism product that meets consumers’ requirements, organize integrated tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry;

Acquire comprehensive intellectual level, master a competent and developed speech, humanitarian culture, high moral, ethical and legal norms, a culture of thinking and skills in scientific organization of labor;

Development of creativity, initiative and innovation;

Students choosing individual education programs;

Providing targeted training for organizations;

Mastering fundamental courses at the intersection of sciences, guaranteeing them professional mobility at the international level;

Deepening of theoretical, practical and individual training of students along the chosen learning path;

Developing students' ability to self-improvement and self-development, needs and skills of independent creative mastery of new knowledge throughout their active life;

Training of specialists with a high level of professional culture, including the culture of professional communication, having a civil position, able to formulate and practically solve modern scientific and practical problems, and successfully carry out research and management activities;

Master fundamental courses at the intersection of sciences that guarantee students professional mobility at the international leve

Develop students' ability for self-improvement and self-development, needs and skills of independent creative mastery of new knowledge throughout their active life.

Key competencies in the training program

Proficiency in foreign languages to implement professional activities and proper use of language material in all types of communicative activities;

Application of information and communication technologies in professional activities;

Proficiency in time management techniques and public speaking skills;

Ability to develop projects, tours, management strategies, tourist services programs;

Apply computer reservation systems in the international tourism market - amadeus, galileo, worldspan; apply the travelweb tourism server, turpravda.com portal, visitkazakhstan.kz/, poiskturov.kz, etc.);

Ability to organize a customer service process; develop and present a hotel and restaurant business product;

Ability to determine the technology of reception and accommodation in restaurants, hotels and tourist complexes;

The ability to organize research work, analyze the results;

Skills in self-organization, self-control and self-esteem.

Types of professional activity


Organizational and management;

Service and operational;

Tourist and recreational;


Preventive and search and rescue.

Employability prospects for specialists

State bodies related to the organization of tourism (ministries, councils, their regional divisions and structures);

State and private companies engaged in hotel and restaurant business (restaurants, hotels and other structures);

Property units (enterprises, institutions, organizations) and other entities of the hotel industry;

Objects of tourism infrastructure;

Advertising agencies engaged in the promotion of tourism services in the national and foreign market;

Educational institutions that train mid-level tourism professionals;

Research organizations engaged in the promotion of tourism services in the national and foreign market;

Consulting companies of a tourist profile;

Marketing services of tourism enterprises;

Travel companies, firms and agencies, tour operator companies;

Airline agencies;

Sanatoriums, hotels, resort units;


Clubs, federations, tourist and sports unions;

Tourist sites, recreational and health-improving structures of national and natural parks and lands;

Companies involved in the tranporting passengers;

Passport and visa services;


Travel agencies;

Excursion bureaus;

Agencies involved in providing airline reservation;

Research organizations involved in the study of tourism development problems, etc.


Organization, planning and support of health, recreation, religious tours

Organization of catering and service in the restaurant business

Event Management

Cross-cultural communication building, business communication

Production of visual photo and video promotional materials

Brand awareness and sales.
SMM маркетинг

Transformation of personal values and personal motivation. Adaptation to Stress and Mediation. Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Cultural and Spiritual Development

Author's approaches to multilevel study of foreign languages

Advanced skills in working with a personal computer, office equipment and software in the professional field. Business Planning Basics




Hotel and restaurant business

State tourism authorities

Travel agencies

Hotels and recreation areas


Tour manager — from 75 000 to 200 000 KZT

Hotel Service Manager — from 90,000 to 200,000 KZT

Receptionist — from 95,000 to 150,000 KZT


On the School basis

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Not applicable

  • Training period:
    3 years +
Second higher education

  • Documents:
    Diploma, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Job interview

  • Training period:
    Minimum 1 year 8 months
Based on TVE (College)

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Not applicable

  • Training period:
    Min: 2 years 6 months


180 000 KZT per year (Payment for credits)

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Makhazhanova Zhanar. Graduated in 2012. Currently: SKR ‘Tourism Department’, Leading Specialist

Gritsuk (Yakim) Kristina. Graduate of the specialty "Tourism" (2016). Graduate of Miras University Master's degree in Management (2018) Occupation: manager at the reservation department at ‘Shymkent Grand Hotel’

Abdurakhmanov Nurmuhammad. Graduated in 2016. Director at the travel agency "SKYLINE"

Abu Nurdaulet. Graduated in 2017. Tourist information center "TURKISTAN TOURISM CENTER" manager-programmer of Nefteremmash LLP - accountant

Aisheva Togzhan. Graduated in 2017. Tourist Information Center "TURKISTAN TOURISM CENTER" manager

Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education - IQAA. Certificate of Specialized Accreditation SA No. 0130/4 of 01.29.2018

Makhkambaeva M., Akramova M., Esmyrza M. gr. TR-711r-1, TR-611k-1 underwent a 3-month internship at ‘Zhana Talap Travel Agency’ (certificates)

Sabyr A. gr. TR-811k-1 MSNPK on the topic "Actual issues of modern student science: realities and prospects" (2018) 1st place

Bastarbek M., Aydar A. group TR-811k-1. Participation at the International Students Research and Practical Conference with the theme "Topicality of contemporary student research: realities and prospects" (2018) diploma, 2nd prize

Baghdat Miras. grup TR-711k-1. Participation at the International Spartakiad "International Universities Save and Rescue Games 2019", Republic of Northern Cyprus., 2019

Babik Yu., Beloenko V., Khabirov R. gr. TR-711r-1. Participation at the II Republican distance contest of research papers of students "Modern Science" Scientific and Methodological Center "ZIAT" (Diploma for 3rd prize)

Uznovenko A., Magzumova A. summer internship in Kemer, Turkey., Organized by the Miras University in cooperation with the Granat recruiting agency

Dzhumadilov E. Winner of the National Award "NATIONAL TOURISM AVARDS 2018" in the competition for ACHIEVEMENTS in the field of development and promotion of inbound and domestic tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the nomination "Best tour guide".