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The training program 6B01101 – “Pedagogy and Psychology” is developed for the training of personnel in the field of pedagogical sciences as part of the training of educational psychologists.

The goal of the training program 6B01101 - “Pedagogy and Psychology” is to train teachers-psychologists who carry out professional activities targeted at the psychological and pedagogical support of an educational process, personal and psychological development of students, their self-realization in life and professional activity, as well as the implementation of programs to overcome learning difficulties, creating conditions for receiving corrective and developing support, ready to cooperate in a professional hydrochloric area.

The relevance of the training program 6B01101 - “Pedagogy and Psychology” is to provide conditions for acquiring a high general intellectual level, training a specialist of a new generation with broad fundamental knowledge, proactive, adapted to changing requirements of the labor market and technologies, for high-quality mastery of professional skills in the field pedagogy and psychology.

The advantages of this training program are a wide selection of places for employment, well-paid, stable work, good career opportunities, as well as the possibility of implementing individual entrepreneurial activities in the field of consulting services.

The main objectives of the training program

Develop a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of pedagogy and psychology;

Develop basic professional competencies among future specialists;

Develop communicative competence, which is the basis for professional activities of future teachers-psychologists;

Educate a competent and competitive person with the potential for self-development, and able to adapt to changing economic conditions;

Create prerequisites for independent search and research activities of students within the framework of an experiment at all stages;

Ability to work with scientific and technical information, use national and foreign experience in professional activities, systematize and summarize the information received;

Ability to independently control the process of labor and educational activity.

Key competencies in the training program

Acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills of organizational and managerial activities;

Application of pedagogical monitoring, development of a system of pedagogical meters and indicators to control and evaluate material, interpret outcomes of empirical studies;

Selection of appropriate pedagogical technologies for differentiated and integrated learning; implementation of pedagogical monitoring, implementation of pedagogical management;

Interpretation of information for judgments considering social, ethical and scientific considerations;

Ability to goal-setting, planning, analysis, reflection, self-assessment of educational and cognitive activities;

Acquiring skills for self-development, self-education and scientific organization of work.

Types of professional activity







Employability prospects for specialists

Preschool organizations of all types;

Secondary general and specialized schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, ungraded schools, sports schools, orphanages;

Secondary vocational schools (colleges, schools);

Special correctional organizations (boarding schools, classes for children and adolescents with physical or mental disabilities);

Departments of education;

Research organizations (институты);

State and non-state institutions, continuing education institutions;

Psychological counseling centers, educational institutions (as a laboratory assistant, head of the office, consultant, manager, etc.), etc.


Pedagogical activity, psychological and pedagogical consultation, assistance in resolving psychological problems

Psychological and pedagogical support of management processes

Drawing up individual and group correctional and developmental programs

Advanced skills in working with a personal computer, office equipment and software in the professional field

Author's approaches to multilevel study of foreign languages

Transformation of personal values and personal motivation. Adaptation to Stress and Mediation. Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Cultural and Spiritual Development



The Autonomous Organization of Education "Nazarbayev Intellectual School"

Joint-stock company "National center of formation of qualifications" Orleu"

School-gymnasium No. 1 named after A.S. Pushkin

"Turjan" private gymnasium


Preschool institutions



Research centers

Educational centers

Social services

Psychological centers

HR service


From 97 000 to 500 000 KZT


On the School basis

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Special exam

  • Training period:
    3 years +
Second higher education

  • Documents:
    Diploma, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Job interview, Special exam

  • Training period:
    Minimum 1 year 8 months
Based on TVE (College)

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Special exam

  • Training period:
    Min: 2 years 6 months


180 000 KZT per year (Payment for credits)

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Baltabaeva Zhuldyzkhan. Graduated in 2016. Head of the Department for Talented Youth Support at the Turkestan Regional Youth Resource Center

Baқbergenova Lyazzat. Graduated in 2015. Head of the kindergarten "Kүnshuak"

Romanova Natalia. Graduated in 2012. Director of SI "Schoolchildren's Palace", Shymkent

Ismayilova Mizana. Graduated in 2014. Psychologist at the school of rhythmic gymnastics №9, Shymkent, International Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics