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The training program 6B01502 – The “Computer Science Teacher” is developed for training personnel in the field of pedagogical sciences as part of the direction of teacher training in natural science subjects.

The goal of the training program 6B01502 - “Computer Science Teacher” is to train teachers who are able to conduct educational activities, form systematic knowledge in the field of computer science and ICT in the process of organizing computer science training at contemporary scientific level; conduct research.

The relevance of the training program 6B01502 - “Computer Science Teacher” is to implement a new approach to the formation of the key competencies and learning outcomes needed by a graduate in the field of pedagogical sciences, aimed at using organizational forms of training in a developing information and educational environment.

The advantages of this training program are a wide selection of places for employment, well-paid, stable work, good career opportunities, as well as possibility of implementing individual entrepreneurial activities in the field of educational services.

The main objectives of the training program

Developing software skills;

Skills in application of information technology in professional activities;

Development of english speaking skills for the high-quality organization of the ict learning process in educational institutions (secondary general and specialized schools, colleges, lyceums, gymnasiums, educational centers, etc.) Considering internationally standard level requirements for formation of foreign language competencies;

Ensuring connection of the learning process with science development; organization of practice-oriented training;

Skills to organize an educational process, educational work within a student team, plan and conduct extracurricular activities in compliance with laws, principles, educational mechanisms of the pedagogical process;

Skills for operating with professional documentation; ability to monitor the educational process; ability to monitor the educational process

Creation of prerequisites for independent research and analytical activities of students;

Promotion of skills working with specialized information for further application in professional activities, systematizing the information received;

Formation and development of social and personal qualities: determination, diligence, responsibility, citizenship, adherence to ethical standards;

Assistance to graduates of the training program in employment by organizing professional practice.

Key competencies in the training program

Skills in handling modern technology: running a computer and application programs; scanning and printing of documents; install software updates, operate with antivirus programs; recording on information media;

Application of basic principles in the field of theory of pedagogical integration, integrating knowledge from various subject areas in solving pedagogical problems;

Proficiency in time management techniques and public speaking skills;

Selection of appropriate pedagogical technologies for differentiated and integrated learning; implementation of pedagogical monitoring, implementation of pedagogical management;

Carrying out activities using the functionality of modern operating systems, such as windows, android, the ability to program under these operating systems in the programming languages of your choice: 1c, java, c, python, javascript, php;

Ability to carry out comprehensive pedagogical monitoring, interpret the results obtained, strive for adequate self-esteem and self-control;

Search for appropriate information in professional sources and improve vocational knowledge and skills by applying information technologies.

Types of professional activity




Production and technological;



Organizational and management.

Employability prospects for specialists

Secondary and specialized schools, colleges, grammar schools, lyceums, colleges, educational departments (as a teacher / teacher of computer science, ict);

Research organizations;

State and non-state institutions (advanced training institutions);

Consulting firms, educational institutions (as the head of the methodological office, ict specialist, software consultant, head of the department for increasing the level of personnel (employees) computer skills, etc.).


Pedagogical activity within the framework of the innovative content of teaching natural sciences

Organization of information and communication technologies application in the educational process

The formation of interest in cognitive, creative, experimental research activities

Advanced skills in working with a personal computer, office equipment and software in the professional field. Business Planning Basics

Author's approaches to multilevel study of foreign languages

Transformation of personal values and personal motivation. Adaptation to Stress and Mediation. Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Cultural and Spiritual Development






Research centers

Educational centers


From 97 000 to 350 000 KZT


On the School basis

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Special exam

  • Training period:
    3 years +
Second higher education

  • Documents:
    Diploma, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Job interview, Special exam

  • Training period:
    Minimum 1 year 8 months
Based on TVE (College)

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Special exam

  • Training period:
    Min: 2 years 6 months


198 000 KZT per year (Payment for credits)

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