Full-time training

Profile direction

The training program is targeted at in-depth professional training of specialists in the field, within applied research

Duration of the training - 1 year

Scientific and pedagogical direction

In-depth research training, teaching activities within the needs of continuing studies in doctoral programs

Duration of study: 2 years

The training program 7M04103 - “Accounting and Auditing” is designed for training personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the research field, with profound research and pedagogical training in the field of accounting, audit and analysis.

The training program 7M04104 - “Accounting and Auditing” is developed for training personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the research field, with profound specialized training in the field of accounting, audit and analysis.

The goal of the training programs is to prepare specialists with in-depth research, pedagogical and professional training in the field of accounting, analytical and audit activities, initiative, adaptive to the requirements of the labor market and modern technologies, capable of analyzing, evaluating socially significant phenomena, events and processes that know the basic methods quantitative analysis and modeling, theoretical and experimental research.

The relevance of the training programs 7M04103 and 7M04104 - “Accounting and Auditing” is to implement a new approach to the formation of key competencies and learning outcomes needed by a graduate in the field of economic sciences.
The training programs are developed on the basis of the competency-based model of specialist training, which meets the needs of the labor market and the requirements of employers. This model is a description of the key competencies of graduates, their level of preparedness and willingness to perform specific professional functions.

The advantages of this educational program are a wide selection of places for employment, well-paid, stable work, good career opportunities, as well as the possibility of implementing individual entrepreneurial activities in the field of accounting and auditing.

The main objectives of the training program

Profound theoretical and practical training in the chosen direction of science and pedagogical activity;

Training specialists with a high level of professional culture, including the culture of professional communication, having a civil position, able to formulate and solve modern research and practical problems; teach at universities, successfully carry out research and management activities; obtaining the necessary minimum knowledge in the field of university pedagogy and psychology and teaching experience at the university;

Formation of skills in accounting and analytical activities: collection, registration and processing of information for the formation of financial statements of organizations in accordance with international standards; formation of accounting and analytical information for management of an economic entity; collection and interpretation of information on costs, expenses and cost of production; cost estimation, budget planning, control and measurement of performance indicators, etc.;

Formation of audit skills;

Preparation for design, economic and organizational management;

Development of creative potential, initiative and innovation, competitiveness of masters in the labor market, providing an opportunity for the fastest possible employment in a specialty;

Developing students' ability to self-improvement and self-development, needs and skills of independent creative mastery of new knowledge throughout their active life.

Types of professional activity

Accounting and analytical;

Design and economic;

Organizational and management;

Audit activity;

Pedagogical activity (for the scientific and pedagogical direction of preparation);

Research activity.

Employability prospects for specialists

Research organizations;

Higher education institutions;

Design organizations;

International business structures;

Audit consulting and financial companies;

Organizations of the real and state sectors of the economy;

For graduates of research and pedagogical direction of training, pedagogical activity in educational organizations is also available.


Company management, financial planning and budgeting. Cost optimization, strategies to diversify business areas

Scientific aspects of accounting. Create short- and long-term forecasts

Focus on fundamental theoretical and practical training. Adaptation of theoretical and practical material to real and perspective practice of accounting, analytical and auditing activities




Employment from the 1st course to a range of companies:

Public companies and other socially significant enterprises / organizations; economic services of organizations engaged in formation or audit of financial statements in various sectors of economy

Research and pedagogical activities in the system of higher, postgraduate education and scientific field

Production activities as an accountant, financial director, auditor, financial analyst, accounting manager, consultant, specialist administrative authorities, research fellow at institutes, research programs, international cooperation programs, etc.

Educational, managerial and planning activities in accordance with the qualifications of the Master of Economic Sciences


CFO — from 300 000 KZT

Director — from 300 000 KZT

Chief accountant — min 150 000 KZT

Accountant in economic fields — min 85 000 KZT

Vice President of Finance — from 200 000 KZT

Financial Advisor — from 100 000 KZT

DSR — min 100 000 KZT


Second higher education

  • Documents:
    Diploma, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Comprehensive testing


240 000 KZT per year (Payment for credits)

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Turmakhanova Louise. Graduate of the Miras University; Master's program in Accounting and Auditing (2019), Director of LLP ‘Balance-Service’

Shamshimet Askhat. Graduate of the Miras University; Master's degree in Accounting and Audit (2019), Deputy Director of LTD LLP ‘Polyprint’