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The training program 6В04101 - “Accounting and Audit” is designated for training personnel in the field of financial sciences as part of the training of accountants, auditors in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education and is agreed with the companies in the field of training.

The goal of the training program 6B04101 “Accounting and Auditing” is defined as training of specialists with solid knowledge on accounting and auditing in the areas of economic activity, banks, budgetary institutions; tax and management accounting; audit; information systems and accounting technologies; business planning, budgeting.

The relevance of the training program 6B04101 - “Accounting and Auditing” is identified due to a number of circumstances. Firstly, competitive pressure and new opportunities in the global economy require special knowledge in traditional accounting, as well as knowledge and foresight to assist a company to adjust to changes, competently and effectively capitalize available opportunities. Secondly, a large legal base and constant changes in economy contribute to a steady demand for intensive training of accounting specialists who are in line with the world level of education. Employers need candidates with proper knowledge and accounting skills combined with profound knowledge of business. This training program is designed for comprehensive training of accounting and audit specialists for professional activities in all sectors of the national economy and economic entities of all legal forms, regardless of ownership and type of financing.

The advantages of this training program are a wide selection of places for employment, well-paid, stable work, good career opportunities.

The main objectives of the training program

Ensuring connection of the learning process with science development; organization of practice-oriented training;

Develop basic professional competencies among future specialists;

Creation of prerequisites for independent research and analytical activities of students;

Instilling skills in working with scientific, technical and economic information, to creatively use domestic and foreign experience in professional activities, to systematize the information received;

Formation and development of social and personal qualities: determination, industriousness, responsibility, citizenship, tolerance, adherence to ethical standards, the ability to work in a team;

Assistance to graduates of the training program in employment by organizing professional practice.

Key competencies in the training program

Form accounting and tax policies in compliance with the legislation on accounting and the tax code, according to the features of an activity and structure of an enterprise, need to ensure its financial stability;

Organization of work and accounting of an organization to obtain interested internal and external users of complete and reliable information about its financial and economic activities and financial situation;

Ability to work with specialized accounting computer programs, use computer equipment in user mode (1c: accounting);

Conduct economic analysis of economic and financial activities of an enterprise according to accounting and reporting in order to identify on-farm reserves. Implement saving regime and measures to improve the workflow, develop and implement progressive forms and methods of accounting based on cutting-edge software, conduct inventory of resources;

Interact with internal and external auditors, participate in development and implementation of measures to organize an internal audit system in order to comply with financial discipline and rational use of resources.

Types of professional activity



Production and management;



Employability prospects for specialists

Organizations and enterprises of any type of activity, form of ownership and legal form

National and international companies (as accountants, cashiers and other specialists in the financial field);

Government bodies at the republican and local levels;

Research institutes, etc


Financial and managerial accounting in compliance with IFRS

Tax accounting and planning, enterprise performance management

Audit and analysis of business enterprise financial and economic activities

Transformation of personal values and personal motivation. Adaptation to Stress and Mediation. Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Cultural and Spiritual Development

Author's approaches to multilevel study of foreign languages

Advanced skills in working with a personal computer, office equipment and software in the professional field. Business Planning Basics




Business companies and enterprises

Audit and consulting companies

Second tier banks

Pension funds

Budgetary state organizations


Chief accountant — min 150 000 KZT

Accountant in economic fields — min 85 000 KZT

Auditor — min 100 000 KZT

Economist-accountant — min 100 000 KZT

DSR — min 100 000 KZT


On the School basis

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Not applicable

  • Training period:
    3 years +
Second higher education

  • Documents:
    Diploma, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Job interview

  • Training period:
    Minimum 1 year 8 months
Based on TVE (College)

  • Documents:
    UNT, ID

  • Entrance tests:
    Not applicable

  • Training period:
    Min: 2 years 6 months


180 000 KZT per year (Payment for credits)

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Kenesbayev Nurbol. KazElMash LLP, chief accountant. Graduated in 2013

Bayseit Gulnur. Home Credit Bank JSC, leading specialist, graduated in 2016

Sәbit Asylzhan. KazElMash LLP, accountant, graduated in 2016

Әlіbekov Sәken. Eurasian Bank JSC financial consultant, graduated in 2018

Sultanbay Saltanat. Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, leading specialist, graduated 2018

Shumenbaeva Saltanat. DezFumex LLP, economist-accountant, graduated 2018

Segizbay Nursultan. NurBank-8 LLP, Deputy Director, graduated in 2018

Burkhanova J. LLP "YuzhKazEnergoremont SoLTD", economist-financier, graduated in 2016

Tashenov E. Shymkent ET LLP, Director

Shintaev Olzhas. Head of the GU "Department of Tourism and External Relations of the Turkestan Region", 2014 graduate

Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education - IKAQA. Certificate of Specialized Accreditation SA No. 0130/4 of 01.29.2018

Kholodin Yu. Winner of the “Knowledge of Features and Application of the 1C Program” Olympiad, 02/28/2019, was awarded with a certificate in the amount of 50 000 KZT.
2nd prize in the V Kazakhstan Professional Student Competition in "1C: Accounting 8", Almaty, 03/29/2019

Bekbolat E. Participation in the International Spartakiad "International Universities Save and Rescue Games 2016", Republic of Northern Cyprus, April 24-29, 2016.

Fedorova V. Prize in the Republican Student Subject Olympiad in the discipline "Economic Theory"

Burkhanova J. Winner of the Bolashak international presidential scholarship, participant in the student program "Work and Travel USA", 2012.