Sector of art work and design

Sector of art work and design


Manager: Osmolovskaya Daria Sergeevna

Master of Social Sciences

The sector trains students for the majors:
6В01402 - “Teacher of Art and Drawing with the Basics of Design”
5В042100 - “Design”
The sector currently has 13 teaching faculty.
Of these, 1 candidate of science, 1 master, 2 honored artists.
The main goal of the sector is research and methodological work. Teachers develop curricula based on the requirements of the State Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Correspondence of their content to modern requirements for the training of specialists is determined by their collegial discussion and approval at meetings of the University's Teaching and Methodological Council, via internal and external peer review. On regular basis teaching faculty improve their pedagogical qualifications  and upgrade their academuc level. Scientists, masters, artists are invited to exchange research and pedagogical experience, give lectures, master and demo classes. Cutting-edge educational technologies for training are embedded into training to meet the needs of the market for educational services and improve the process of training creative personnel. Qualified specialists in the field of design are especially in demand in modern conditions, when there are widespread changes in the material environment of Kazakhstan residents - new buildings of an original architectural form are being constructed from modern materials and for various purposes, urban environment is being improved and landscaped, the interiors of residential, public and industrial buildings are being transformed.
Sector Teaching Faculty
Ilyaev S.G. - Senior Lecturer, holder of an honorary title.
Muratbaev A.T. - Senior Lecturer, holder a State Award
Dzhakipbekova M.Zh. - Senior Lecturer
Nurtaev Yu.A. - Senior Lecturer
Minigulova M.R. - Senior Lecturer
Skorikova N.N. - Senior Lecturer
Borodulina L.Yu. - Senior Lecturer
Rafikova N.V. - Senior Lecturer
Davletkanova Z.R. - Senior Lecturer
Zholdasova A.Sh. - Senior Lecturer
Kuanyshbekova M.A. - Senior Lecturer
Yunusova D.A. - teacher, master
Auezov B.O. - teacher 
Academic Life
The faculty of the sector conducts the educational process in the form of interactive training based on modern information technologies; active work is being carried out to update educational system in the field of education.
To train highly qualified personnel and engage students in various forms of pedagogical activity, the sector develops creative bonds with educational institutions of the city (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, design firms, advertising agencies, design organizations).
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Research Activities of Faculty and Students of the Sector
Research work is a significant and integral part of the university’s activities, in which teachers and students of the university are involved.
Teachers of the sector are working on the topic "Art activity in a variety of styles."
The Art Work and Design sector undergoes research activities of its faculty and students, which affects the quality of educational programs implementation. Faculty and students of the  sector participate in international research and practical conferences of universities in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. The teaching staff of the sector publish their articles not only in the proceedings of the ISTC, but also in the journals of KKSON, VAK, RSCI.
The generalization and systematization of the results of research work was expressed in the publication of research articles on the problems under teacing faculty’s consideration.
Social & Educational life
Social & Educational work is an essential component of student life at the sector and is carried out continuously both within academic studying and in after-class events.
The sector conducts various thery-based and practical social and educational activities with students to form a cult of knowledge, attract students to social work, create a healthy moral and psychological climate of the educational environment, culture of a healthy lifestyle and "zero tolerance" to corruption, increase the level of culture and comprehensive development of individual students. Students and teachers of the sector are actively volunteering at orphanages, charity events.
During the academic year each tutor conducts discussions, contests, disputes, and round tables in supervised groups.
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International relations
Within the framework of cooperation with universities near and far abroad the sector has established close relations with foreign universities for exchange of experience and integration into the global educational space.
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Logistical base
To organize educational process of a high quality and implement research activities, the sector uses specialized art and sewing workshops equipped with all necessary facilities.

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