Our supervisors

Our supervisors


Myrzaliev Bolat Atimtaevich

Candidate of medicine sciences


An Yevgeniya Yurievna

Vice-President on development

Khojabayeva Aigul Pulatovna

Vice President on operational administration


Daniyarova Akmaral Bakht-Polatovna

Vice President on operational administration

Ligai Elena Aleksandrovna

Financial Director

Sultanova Valida Ilashbaevna

Vice-Rector on social work and international relations
Candidate of history sciences

Tlegenova Kulaysha Beisenbaevna

Vice-Rector on educational and methodical work


Khan Inna Yurievna

Vice-Rector on research and innovation
Candidate of economic sciences

Chingissova Zamira Uvaidaevna

Director of office-registration

Aygabilov Askar Mukhtarovich

Head of administration and staff department

Batyrkhojayev Dinmukhamed Maratovich

Vice-Rector on economic activities and general issues

Magzumov Vadim Vadimovich

The Director of testing center


Syrlybaeva Aidana Muratovna

Head of students office


Nekrassova Aleksandra Borisovna

Chief accountant

Rogovoy Alexander Viktorovich

Director of sience and research work
Candidate of Technical Sciences

Gak Galina Vladimirovna

Head of the educational-methodical department


Istomin Sergey Petrovich

Director of marketing




Latest News

Miras University is proceeding the partnership project with Long Island University, USA, within the framework of the Central Asia University Partnership Programs, sponsored by the American Council ...
On September 10, 2020, the teacher of the IT and telecommunications sector of the Miras University Mukhiddinov Zhorabek Muratovich held a lecture on the topic: “Rukhani zhagyru: modernization of ...
On 09.10.2020 at 11.30 a meeting was held on the topic: "Integrity and the formation of anti-corruption culture", with the invited guest Kambar Zhani Saydullavich, head of the project office ...
09/18/2020, Baigusheva A.N., master, senior lecturer of the tourism and hospitality management sector,  held a lecture on the topic "Increasing religious literacy as an important factor in the ...
On October 1, within the framework of the national project "Birgemiz: Qamqor", was organized the International Day of the Elderly on the theme "Karantindegi Kyzyktar". During the event, the staging ...
On September 15, 2020, a thematic round table "Abai and Kazakhstan in the XXI century" was held online, a student of the KL - 811k1 group Uralbai Zhansaya prepared a report on Abai's work, which is ...
09/28/2020, Saydirasulov S.S., master, senior teacher of the IT and telecommunications sector, conducted a lecture on the topic "Using IT technology in the learning process" according to the plan of ...
On September 9, 2020 at 16:00, Nur Otan Party Secretary A. Kyrykbaev met with the youth. Miras University was represented by the Chairperson of the youth affairs committee  Kadirkul Janel. Also were ...