Psychological unloading room

Psychological unloading room

In the University Miras functions psychological unloading room for teachers and students. 

Since 3.01.19, the office is headed by a psychologist Muetova Elmira Sherekhankyzy. Muetova E.Sh. has 1 category, 10 years of experience in psychology and has lots of certificates on passage of courses of a modern.    

The objectives of the Psychological unloading room:

  • promoting the creation of optimal conditions for the preservation of psychological health of the subjects of the educational process.



  • the detection of patterns, ensuring the preservation and strengthening of psychological health of participants of educational process;
  • timely detection and prevention of possible difficulties in the personal development of students of the educational process;
  • diagnostics, correctional and developmental work, consultancy, educational activity and scientific-methodical);­
  • creation and maintaining the psychological climate in the team, diagnostics and development of psychological and pedagogical competences of students and educators;


Main direction activities:

  1. Psychological diagnostics using modern educational technologies, including information and educational resources. Screening examination (monitoring) to analyze the dynamics of mental development, definition of people, people in need of psychological assistance.
  2. Correctional and developing direction: formation of necessary social skills (effective communication, resistance to the negative impact of the social environment), ability to self-education and self-development, assistance in overcoming disorders of personality development and professional formation.
  3. Psychological education prevention of subjects of educational process
  4. Psychological consultation: assistance to students, teachers in development, education and training through psychological counseling.
  5. Organizational, methodological and research activities. Organization of research work in various areas in connection with the main tasks of psychological support.
  6. Participation in scientific conferences, development of teaching materials.


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