Miras Aruy

Through much of 3 months in Instagram social network site on @mirasuniversity page there have been held the “Miras Aruy” online contest and based on its results the winner became a holder of grand prize of KZT 200 000!

Festival Zhaydarman "Mausymashar 2017"

On 24.01.2017 in the "Youth Resource Center" Shymkent there was a festival Zhaydarman "Mausymashar 2017". The season theme "June inspiration", the game theme "We have all new". All 13 teams including the Miras team will take part in 1/8 final.

Employment with Miras

One of the advantages of the university is the practical orientation of education while an in-depth development of practical skills in the learning process maintaining in correlation with fundamental one. University conducts work aimed at support and assistance in employment of graduates. With this goal the University launched the Department of Student Practicum and Employment (DSPE). The aim of the department is to provide jobs for young professionals, professional development of graduates who meet the needs of various sectors of economic activity in qualified personnel as well as improves the university rankings.

Official opening of Access program

On December 9, 2016, in the Miras University there was held official opening of Access program in Shymkent.

English Access is a two-year program for English study by the gifted youth with financial limitations. The said program is implemented under the auspices of the Miras University. Within the framework of this program the training will be conducted free of charge, including winter and summer camps. Two-hour classes will be conducted three times a week. This year 33 upper-form pupils of different schools of the city and the Miras University students who had managed to pass competitive selection became the program participants. The main condition of competition was only desire to study English and proactive approach to life. 

International Student’s Day

Students are the most progressive members of the world society. It is peculiar exactly for students to be involved in the very center of social life, to commit inventions and to make valuable contribution in changing their country life to the better. And though the larger part of their time must be spent for study they always find possibilities for good rest.

Annually our University find some original way for celebration of International Student’s Day. Recent news of the Donald Trump’s victory in the USA presidential elections allowed nobody to stay indifferent, and in view of this we organize festivity in the “Trump party” style for our students. Best of the progressive youth attended this event. Rich entertainment program, draw games, photo zone and only most popular music, as well as a load of surprises waited for the party guests

Halloween 2016

On the night of October 28 Miras University students celebrated Halloween. In Kazakhstan, Halloween has appeared recently and its popularity is not compared with the popular American holiday, but it has already found its fans. Many of them are Miras university students.

On this night, traditionally people wear a suit of mystical characters, vampires, dead people and arrange a masquerade. The most enjoyable part of the holiday for students is a costume contest and show where everyone did not miss a rare chance to feel like a witch or demon.

The celebration of Halloween at Miras University does not bear the full mystical sense, and it is just an excuse to spend fun time with friends, and at the same time to remember this event for a long time.