Intolerance to corruption conference

March 31, 2017, the University of Miras hosted the Regional Conference on "Academic honesty and a clean session - the main factors shaping an atmosphere of intolerance to corruption in the system of higher education"

The conference began with the welcoming speech of the Vice-Rector for the educational work of the University of Miras Sultanova V. I. In her speech, she stressed the importance of ongoing activities in the system of higher education. Then the word from the University of Miras was transferred to the former employee of the law-enforcement bodies A. Kupeshev who described all the regulations on anti-corruption topics and measures of criminal punishment for giving and receiving bribes at a higher educational institution.

In March Miras University successfully ran accreditation process

In March 2017, Miras University passed institutional accreditation at the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education – IQAA.

The expert commission consisting of representatives of academic environment, an international expert, representatives of employers and students ran a visual inspection of Miras academic buildings, material and technical base of the university, observed classes, made analysis of the university's regulations and papers, interviewed all participants of the educational process starting with the President and vice-rectors to students and employees.

Teachers of Kazakhstan discuss the problems of trilingual education

The topic of multilingualism is of prime importance in the country.

The program of the conference included round tables, workshops, poster presentations and others. Key speakers: Mark Dorr, Professor of the University of Colorado, USA; Lyudmila Smirnova and Saule Abdygapparova, Professor of the Kazakh-British Technical University of Almaty; Bilimgul Baekeshova, head of the Center for Pedagogical Measurements of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Astana and Nurmukhammed Dosibayev, deputy head of the Education Department of Shymkent, contributed their world-wide and national experience into the work of the conference.

Mengilik El 2050

In the "Nation's Plan - 100 Steps to Implement Five Institutional Reforms", 85 and 89 steps are devoted to the idea of Mengilik El in the form of the task of creating a project of a patriotic act. The idea of Mengilik El in an expanded version was announced by President Nazarbayev in December 2012. in his message to the people of Kazakhstan "Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050". New political course of the held state".

The university celebrates NAURIZ!

On the eve of the celebration of Nauryz Meiramy, the students of the University organized a meeting of the spring holiday!
To say that everything went well is to say nothing. Everything went "AWESOME, FUN, GRANDLY”.

Open Day 2017

A long-awaited event of the year!

Every school student is looking forward to this event!

On this very day Miras University will be keeping its doors open for every school leaver of Shymkent and SK Oblast!

We're looking forward to seeing you! It's expected to be a 'hot' day!