Health day

At the University of miras took place marathon in honor of health day. Students were waiting for a few stations, where were invented their tasks. The desire of such health measures aimed at the strengthening of the body's as well as the consolidation of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.

Student's Day!

For several years Miras University has been celebrating an international holiday - Student's Day. This year the event was held in the theme of the Vienna Ball. Students prepared a dance, and for the best couple guests could vote, for which the couple received a prize. Such similar events unite students and contribute to the formation of an atmosphere of friendship and solidarity. Various contests have decorated the evening. Who was not a student, he lost a lot.

Sport Festival!

A good tradition that has developed in our university, found its continuation in the autumn starts of our freshmen. On October 12, the annual sports festival was held. The purpose of such competitions is the development of physical culture and sports. The event began with the execution of the Hymn of the Republic of Kazakhstan. After the opening ceremony, all participants began to play. In particular, there were such kinds of games as volleyball, basketball, tug-of-war and others. The competitions were held in individual and team competitions.

Miras University Model United Nations conference 2017

Dear MUN Delegates!

The MUIMUN team are pleased to announce that the conference is set to take place from October 28 to 29, 2017 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

Prior to the conference we are planning to hold a 2-day international seminar "Soft Power of Public Diplomacy", aimed at mastering tools for developing public diplomacy between countries and strengthening international youth cooperation to address a number of global problems facing the world. The event is organized by youth association of Access alumni ASAA.

The number of participants is limited (to 20).

The venue for the seminar "Soft Power of Public Diplomacy": South Kazakhstan State University

The address: Tauke han st, building 5, Shymkent, Kz

Date: October 26-27, 2017. Time: 08:30

Access Summer Camp 2017

This year Access students spent their amazing summer days in Baisheshek camp which is situated in Birkolik. The camp lasted for five days and each day was special for the students. The day started with refreshing morning exercises and later they had their nutritious breakfast. Of course they also had time for English classes before the lunch. Every day they discussed different topics, studied new vocabulary, practiced communication skills, and sang songs, even danced. There was a special guest who could make the staying in a camp more exciting.

Report on the History and Law Week

The event for the week was held on March 28-29.

28.03.2017 at 12-00 in the 414 classroom.

1. Solemn carrying out of the national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Responsible: students of the group ЮР-611К-2.

2. The hymn of the Republic of Kazakhstan was played. A video about the Kazakh police work was released. The head of the Department of History and Law, Ph.D. Berdibekova G.S., solemnly opened the ceremony with a welcoming speech.

3. The event is dedicated to the fight against terrorism and extremism. Sriyylov Islame, a student of the group JR-411K-1, made a speech.