Discussion on the topic: "Independence Day of Kazakhstan: the history of the formation of the state"

14.12. 2020 at 14:30 a discussion in the specialty "Law" on the topic: "Independence Day of Kazakhstan: the history of the formation of the state." was held with first-year students

The purpose of this event: development of students' cognitive interest in the history of the country, fostering a sense of love and pride for their country,  to the rich history and difficult fate, love for the nature of their native land.

During the event, senior teacher F.E. Shintaeva told about the difficult paths and stages of the formation of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the students were shown slides on the topic "Independent Kazakhstan".

Students actively talked about the problems of the history of the formation of Kazakhstan as a sovereign and independent state. They named the main laws that approved the sovereignty and independence of Kazakhstan.

Discussion on the topic: "Prevention of religious extremism and terrorism"

On November 13, 2020, at 10:00, an online discussion was held on the Zoom platform on the topic: "Prevention of religious extremism and terrorism." The online meeting was attended by students of groups IN-811p1a, IN-811p1f, IN-811p1n and some teachers of the foreign languages ​​sector.

Purpose: to acquaint students with the types of punishment for such crimes, according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to increase the civil responsibility of students.

During the online meeting, a conversation was held about what punishment is applied for this type of crime in Kazakhstan, according to the law. The definition of terrorism and extremism was given. We also considered the measures to counter terrorism and extremism taken by the state.

Lecture on the topic "Prospects of information technology and telecommunications in the innovative development of modern society"

On November 12 at 11.30 according to the plan, a lecture on the topic "Prospects of information technology and telecommunications in the innovative development of modern society" was held for students of the IT-911p-1 group on the ZOOM online platform (conference number 538 922 7304, code miras2020).

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Rogovoy A.V. during the lecture told about the concept and stages of development of the information society, the impact of information technologies on the development of the economy and information systems, the prospects for the development of information systems in economic systems, directions of information policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The participants discussed  in detail about innovative directions in the field of information technology at Miras University and the IT and telecommunications sector. There was also a presentation of students' innovative developments.

Lecture on the topic: "Adaldyk Alans - prevention of corruption and the formation of a general rejection of corruption"

On October 21, 2020, the senior lecturer of the IT and telecommunications sector of the Miras University, Alimbekova A.T, held a lecture on the topic “Adaldyk alagy - prevention of corruption and the formation of general rejection of corruption” on the ZOOM platform.

The purpose of the event: provision of general information about corruption, discussion of measures to prevent and prevent corruption, the formation of students' clear civic position, patriotism, as well as increasing the political literacy of students.

During the lecture, a presentation was made on the topic.

Result: Students shared their knowledge of anti-corruption measures. In addition, the students expressed their intention to fight corruption.

Lecture on the topic: "Extremism and terrorism: concept, essence, form of manifestation"

11.12.2020 жылы ІТ және телекоммуникациялар секторының магистр, аға оқытушысы Эрманова Д.Э. онлайн режимде РЭТ-811к1 тобының студенттеріне «Экстремизм және терроризм: түсінігі, мәні, көрініс формасы» тақырыбында дәріс оқыды.

Мақсаты: Студенттерге экстремизм, терроризм туралы терең түсінік беру, оның түрлері, себептері мен зардаптарын ұғындыру.         

Онлайн дәріс  барысында топ тәлімгері тақырыпқа сәйкес презентация көрсетіп, баяндама жасады. Сондай – ақ, топ студенттері өз белсенділіктерін көрсете білді, атап айтқанда Сулейменова Жанэля Миятбековна, Бұхарбаев Мақсат Әзімханұлы, Мурзабай Нурдаулет, Сайткамалов Бекзат өз пікірлерін білдірді, өз ойынларын  ашық жеткізе алды.

Lecture on law for students on the topic "Public control as a mechanism for combating corruption" (Training for the activists of the youth affairs committee and student government)

09.11 2020 Sultanova V.I. the Vice-Rector of Social and Educational Work at 14.30 held a lecture for the YAC activists on the topic: "Public control as a mechanism for combating corruption." V. Sultanova told about the regulatory framework of anti-corruption policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, about the concept of public control and the role of each student in the formation of a negative attitude towards corruption. The lecturer also added that the YAC has a special responsibility, since they are the flagships of the entire university student community. The students were asked questions on the topic of the meeting to which correct answers were given. Also Sultanova V.I. asked activists about future plans and warned about public safety measures in connection with volunteering

Conversation on the topic: "Formation of patriotism and active citizenship"

08.12.2020 Master's Degree, Senior Lecturer of the IT and Telecommunications Sector of the Miras University, Dzhainarova M.E. in the format held an  online conversation with the students of the IT-2011k2 group on the topic "Formation of patriotism and active citizenship."

Purpose: the formation of a civic position and the development of patriotism among students.

Open thematic hour on the topic: "Memory of the victims of December"

December 10, 2020., senior lecturer of the business and management sector of the Miras University, Turebayeva Zh. K. held an open online thematic hour with students of the 3rd year of the specialty "Accounting and Audit" on the topic "Memory of the victims of December".

Purpose: to remember the victims of December, to explain that the beginning of independence was a tragic December, to instill in the younger generation a sense of patriotism for their country, land and people.

Willow planting in connection with the national project "Birgemiz: TazaAlem"

As part of the Saturday action "Eco-sana" within the framework of the nationwide project "Birgemiz: TazaAlem", which took place on November 14, 2020, in the arboretum named after A. Askarov, a willow tree was planted. Miras University volunteers supported the action.

Purpose: increasing environmental knowledge; respect for the environment; attraction of city residents to active participation in the improvement business; Formation of a healthy lifestyle and will.

Result: Miras University volunteers planted trees.