Miras University and long Island University Partnership

Miras University is proceeding the partnership project with Long Island University, USA, within the framework of the Central Asia University Partnership Programs, sponsored by the American Council for International Education in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). This project was initiated in compliance with the reform in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the internationalization of higher education. The aim of the joint project is to improve teaching methods of English and STEM disciplines trained in the English language, both at the university and in the southern region. The project outcomes involve a jointly developed concept of teaching STEM in English and develop teaching materials for STEM disciplines based on the Sheltered Approach (SIOP) and inquiry-based teaching.

Lecture on the topic: "Rukhani zhangyru: modernization of public consciousness"

On September 10, 2020, the teacher of the IT and telecommunications sector of the Miras University Mukhiddinov Zhorabek Muratovich held a lecture on the topic: “Rukhani zhagyru: modernization of public consciousness”. The lecture was held in an online format for groups VT-811k-1, IT-911k-1, IT-2012k-1.

During the lecture, Mukhiddinov G. M. presented to the students "Rukhani zhagyru: modernization of public consciousness" the article of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.А. Nazarbayev, showed a video about the Rukhani Zhagyru program. At the end of the lecture, students expressed their opinions on the topic and asked questions.

Staging program for the elderly "KARANTINDEGI KYZYKTAR"

On October 1, within the framework of the national project "Birgemiz: Qamqor", was organized the International Day of the Elderly on the theme "Karantindegi Kyzyktar".

During the event, the staging program of the «Shanshar» humorous theater was demonstrated,  was prepared coffee break and special gifts for the elderly were presented.

The event was attended by the head of the "Youth Resource Center" E. Aitbaev, the chairman of the MK "Jas Otan" M. Isakhov, the artistic director of the theater M. Aitzhanuly, volunteers of the MK "Zhas Otan" of the Miras University were presented 50 lonely elderly people.

Round table on the topic: "Abai and Kazakhstan in the XXI century"

On September 15, 2020, a thematic round table "Abai and Kazakhstan in the XXI century" was held online, a student of the KL - 811k1 group Uralbai Zhansaya prepared a report on Abai's work, which is the enduring value of the poet's heritage.

The round table discussed the article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev: "Abai and Kazakhstan in the XXI century", in which the Head of State outlined the need for upcoming events dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the great Kazakh poet and educator.

Lecture on the topic "Increasing religious literacy as an important factor in the prevention of religious extremism"

09/18/2020, Baigusheva A.N., master, senior lecturer of the tourism and hospitality management sector,  held a lecture on the topic "Increasing religious literacy as an important factor in the prevention of religious extremism". During the lecture, the group curator A.N. Baigusheva told the students that religion has always played an important role in the social and spiritual consciousness of our people and all of humanity. Culture, art and all areas of science are closely related to the religion. Without knowing the basics of your faith, it is not impossible to understand thinkers, writers, artists and the state.  Religious images embrace the thoughts-being of creative people from all countries of the world.