Required Documents for Admission


  • A High School Certificate, a Diploma of Secondary Vocational or Higher Education (original);
  • A Certificate of UNT;
  • A Medical Certificate of the form 086-V, 063-vaccination;
  • Certificate of Residence;
  • 10 photos of 3x4 format;
  • Copy of an Identity Card.

Master Degree

  • An Application form addressed to the Rector of the Miras University;
  • Notarized copies of documents in higher education with the Appendix;
  • Personal data sheet and a notarized copy of employment history (for those who have work experience);
  • 6 photos of 3x4;
  • Medical certificate, Form 086-U;
  • Copy of ID card;
  • List of scientific/academic papers and manuals (if any).



Bachelor programms

Pedagogics and Psychology


Pedagogics and Methods of Primary education

IT teacher

Physical education and sports

Chemistry + Biology

Kazakh Language and Literature

Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages

Management. Marketing. Sales

Accounting and Auditing

Business and Finance

Economics and Management

Law and Customs

Development and management in IT

Programming and development of software packages

Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

Tourism. Hospitality Management



Master programms


Pedagogics and Psychology


Computer Studying


Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages

Accounting and Auditing


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