Our Clubs

Miras University authorities decided to decorate student life of our youth. But this time, instead of brushes and paints exotic sensations will be applied for those students who would like to be engaged in club activities. University authorities gives a varied palette of sensations to anyone interested and it is absolutely for free.

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Diving Club

Taking full training and instruction of safety, under the strict supervision of a diving instructor students dive to a depth that is not available to ordinary folk for the first time.

Clay Target Shooting Club

Clay target shooting is not only an Olympic sport, but also a fascinating hobby and time spending in pleasant environment. Each student can test their accuracy, concentration and physical endurance.


Glider Club

To experience the freedom of a bird flight, see the expanse of our land from incredible height, top up adrenaline reserves for the week ahead, these are the objectives of running the club.


Miras Recreation Area, this is the name of the place where every student can get fun and spend their Sunday in the fresh mountain air that relax their mental activities and forget about hustling and bustling city.

Fitness Club

If students wish to bring their body in tone after a long school day they should appeal to your fitness - coach. With cheerful music they throw out all their accumulated emotions - that's the way students of the 21st century spend their time.

Bumperrball Club

In our university, there is a wonderful opportunity to spend your time in unusual, and most importantly, in useful way! Play bamperball! Bamperball is a boom for our students, active sports lovers! We energize students with this game!

Club of Modern Dance

Motion is life! The movement under the music brings not only health benefits, but also a lot of positive emotions. Our dance club will inspire you thanks to a professional choreographer, a warm atmosphere and majestic energy of dance!

Equestrian Club

Our students adore horse riding club. Horse riding sessions give them an opportunity to exercise and relax after a long academic day.


Healthy lifestyle is an indicator of success and self-confidence. Training in our gym improves your body shape and fitness.

Figure skating club

Figure skating is the most beautiful and special sport that correlates with art. This extraordinary world opens in front of our students.

Charity club Miras

Charity club is a charity project of our students, who are united by a supreme spiritual quality which is indifference.

Beauty club

Training in make-up in a beauty club is one of the favorite activities of our students. They learn how to create images that help to shine both externally and internally.

Journalists' Club

Journalists' Club is the place to learn and to read something new. All of the most interesting and relevant for today's topics will be covered on all pages of social networks.



Latest News

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On April 25-26, Miras University hosted the Game “Model Mazhilis” for students. The game allowed the participants to try on the role of MPs and develop the skills of public speaking, make decisions ...
April 15, 2019y with the support of the French Alliance in Kazakhstan was held a drama competition, organized by the French Alliance in Shymkent. The students of the Miras University presented the ...
Public charity Fund "Ана үйі" began its work in may 2013. The main goal of the project is the prevention of social orphanhood, that is, every newborn child should be close to his mother and have a ...
March 30, Miras university students took part at the “English Drama Youth Festival -2019” initiated by the Department of Foreign Literature at Turkistan oblast universal scientific library named ...
The team of the University Miras students: Seiten Nurgisa the group of RET-611к-2 and Omirzakov Bakytzhan the group of RET-611к-4, under the guidance of the teacher, master Koshkinbayev S. Zh. took ...
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