Student Service Center

Student Service Center was established in 2014, according to the Charter of the Miras University.
The main functions of the DSP:
-Registration of students for disciplines in a timely manner for the entire academic year, re-registration and registration for the summer semester;
-Providing and managing information necessary for the student;
- Acceptance of applications from students and undergraduates: enrollment, expulsion, restoration, transfers from other universities and to other universities, inside the university, registration of academic leave, postponement, cancellation of debt, change of personal data;
- Issue of bypass sheets;
-Reception of documents for the provision of discounts;
-Providing university students with academic certificates, grade books, student ID cards;
-Information, notification and counseling of students and their representatives;
-Consultation on the translation, restoration, issuance of duplicate diplomas, duplicate diploma supplements, etc.
- Implementation of operations in an automated educational process management system;
-Providing timely and reliable input of information into the electronic database of students;
-Registration and issuance of certificates, preparation of reporting-blank documentation on them;
-Conducting and participating in the organization of university events (graduation, holding meetings of bachelors and masters).