Tourism sector. Hospitality management


Manager: Kalybaev Bekzhan


The sector trains students for the majors:
6B11101 - "Tourism. Hospitality Management
The sector teaching faculty currently invovles 6 teachers.
O these 1 candidate of sciences, 5 postgraduets.
The main goal of the training program 6B11101 - “Tourism. Hospitality Management” is defined as training of specialists in the field of service with best practices in management of the restaurant business, tour operator; hoteliers carrying out operational management, strategic planning, quality audit and monitoring, marketing promotion of hotel business at mass media sites, perfectly mastering information technologies in the field of tourism and services.
The sector improves content of the training programs in compliance with dynamically changing market requirements based on a competency-based approach in conjunction with employers; implement the training process by introducing the cutting-edge training programs and technologies; continuous improvement and updating logistics and facilities.
The relevance of students' qualifications is determined by involving employers and specialists in the development of the training programs.
Teaching Faculty
Duysembekova G.R. – C.E.Sc., lecturer
Kalkabaev A.M. – Master of Art. lecturer
Janabi D.R. - Master of Art. lecturer
Sanieva Z.R. - Master of Art. lecturer
Baygusheva A.N.- Master of Art. lecturer
Yesirkepova S.S. - Master of Art. lecturer
Academic Life
The faculty of the sector conducts the academic process in the form of interactive training based on modern information technologies; active work is carried out related to updating the training system in the field of services.
To train highly qualified personnel and engage students in various forms of professional activity, the sector enhance partnership with hotel business organizations and city tour operators.
Research Activities of Faculty and Students of the Sector
The goal of the sector research activity is to gain experience in conducting independent research and project activities to prepare final assignment/ diploma in compliance with the chosen topic; research in the field of tourist infrastructure and hospitality industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan; training of modern research experts with professional qualifications, with a broad general outlook, profound knowledge in the field of tourism and hospitality management and able to quickly adapt to the demands of a dynamically developing labor market.
Teaching faculty of the sector are working on the research topic “Assessing competitiveness of the socio-economic development of the region and developing a mechanism for its improvement”, which is registered at the National Center of State Scientific and Technical Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state registration number: 0116РК00115.
The foreign languages ​​sector carries out active research activities among faculty and students, with positive impact on the quality of the training programs. Faculty and students participate in international research and methodological conferences of universities in Shymkent, Kazakhstan and abroad. The teaching staff of the sector publish their papers not only in the proceedings of the international conference, but also in journals with impact factor and CCSESc.
The sector collaborates with leading tourist organizations, with organizations in the hotel and restaurant business of the Turkestan region and Shymkent: e.g. Hotel Rixos Hadisha Shymkent, IE Hotel Shymkent, Hotel Complex ‘Canvas’, Hotel Complex ‘Orleu’, Hotel Complex ‘City’, LLP “Maximum Comfort”, LLP “Olympporttour” and others, in which students undergo training, professional and undergraduate practice, acquiring practical skills. For the same purpose, students develop practical skills while developing creative potential and awareness of social significance of the future profession. During the study period additional events are also organized, such as organizing tours of various kinds and organizing events aimed at preserving cultural and historical heritage and sustainable tourism development.
Social & Educational life
Social & Educational work is an essential component of student life at the sector and is carried out continuously both within academic studying and in after-class events
The sector conducts various thery-based and practical social and educational activities with students to form a cult of knowledge, attract students to social work, create a healthy moral and psychological climate of the educational environment, culture of a healthy lifestyle and "zero tolerance" to corruption, increase the level of culture and comprehensive development of individual students. Students and teachers of the sector are actively volunteering at orphanages, charity events.
All educational events are of great educational significance, are held in the state, Russian and foreign languages, help broaden the horizons of students, develop their creative abilities and increase motivation.
The process of socialization of the student’s personality covers various spheres of society life and is implemented through the following main areas: spiritual, moral, cultural, recreational, informational.
International Relations
In order to develop international integration of Kazakhstani higher education and ensure the quality of training of specialists in the field of economics, the sector carries out mutually beneficial business cooperation with leading foreign universities in the following areas: exchange of experience in improving the academic process, application of internactive teaching methods, exchange of information on topics, organization and results of students’ research.
Students of the specialty ‘Tourism’ annually undergo an international internship in Turkey.
Logistics and Facilities
To organize academic process of high quality and implement research activities, the sector applies classrooms equipped with computers, multimedia equipment, interactive whiteboards, necessary handouts, etc.