The kazakh language and literature sektor


Manager: Userbaeva Malika Akyltaevna

Specialist, Senior Lecturer

The sector trains students for the major:
5В011700 – ‘The Kazakh Langugae and Literature’
The sector currently has 14  faculty.
Of these, 8 Candidates of Sciences, 1 Master, without a degree – 5 staff.
The Kazakh language and literature sector, with the aim of training highly qualified personnel, manages the tasks of professional activity: ensuring full and high-quality professional training, professional competence in the field of social, humanitarian and natural sciences; the formation of research skills, the ability to organize research and analysis of new knowledge independently.
The sector sets one of the most important tasks of training specialists as expanding the sphere of graduate’s professional activity so that it covers educational and pedagogical, research (literature, culture, publishing), organizational and managerial (secondary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, colleges, and also other institutions ), as a media worker, literature adviser, translator, etc., so that a graduate can carry out activities in general education, secondary special and vocational schools, work in research and creative organizations, state and non-governmental institutions.
Sector Teaching Faculty
  • Zhakipbekov B.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Kistaubaeva D.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Alieva G.A. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  • Tazhibaeva Zh.Sh., Senior Lecturer
  • Userbaeva M.A., Senior Lecturer
  • Dushanova K.A., Senior Lecturer
  • Usenbaeva S.S., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  • Aidarbekova A.S., Senior Lecturer
  • Kalybekov B.T. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
Academic life
The sector conducts academic work in the following disciplines:
- the Kazakh language, Russian language, the Kazakh language for Special Purposes, the Russian language for Specific Purposes for students of all training programs of the university;
- Disciplines for students of the training program "The Kazakh Language and Literature."
Based on the tasks of obtaining comprehensive knowledge, quality professional education, the formation of cultural knowledge in the field of the Kazakh language and literature that is necessary in professional activity, the Sector teaching faculty improves their forms and methods teaching. What is more, innovative technologies and teaching methods are tested, innovative language teaching technologies are applied. For the development of interactive, functional literacy of students and the expansion of theoretical information in phonetics, morphology, lexicology, syntax, stylistic punctuation, practice bases, research and practical conferences, round tables, debate squares, discussion clubs, student groups with the invitation of teachers, schoolchildren and students from other universities.
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Research Activities of the Sector Faculty and Students
The research work of the teaching staff of the Kazakh language and literature sector is carried out according to the plan, the topic of the research is “Information technologies for teaching multilingualism and translation business” was registered at JSC SC ScTI, registration card No. 0116РК00124 dated 01.01.2016. Based on this, the results of the study and analysis of educational documentation, a comparative analysis of pedagogical phenomena and evidences were summarized in research papers of the sector faculty. On the topic of the research va number of papers have been published in the follow-ups of the ISMC of Miras University, ISMC MMA (Russia), in the journal CCESc of MEd&Sc of Russia, with the Impact Factor 0.28. Findings have been implemented into the educational process of the sector.
The teaching faculty of the Kazakh language and literature sector carry out activities according to the individual plan for the section of research and development. A search was made for theoretical material, research papers were published in journals recommended by CCESc and RIScC, also in European academic journal - Impact factor journal (0.28, h-index 31, h-median 46), and papers in proceedings of international conferences of universities.
The teaching teaching of the sector participates in external events held by third parties, in international research and practical conferences, including Shymkent, Almaty and in abroad in Moscow, Russia.
The teaching staff of the sector implement the oucomes of their research and educational work in the educational process as teaching aids in various areas of training: the Kazakh language and literature, law, as well as teaching manuals for all specialties. A research seminar is being conducted in the sector, at the meetings of which reports on current topics are being discussed. The sector collaborates with other universities in the field of scientific activity: both sides participate in workshops, in the organization of lectures on the problems studied; motivate students to conduct research work and assist in the preparation of student papers for participation in student academic and research conferences with their publication in proceedings; review student science projects and teacher reports.
Students of the Kazakh language and literature sector, under the supervision of teaching staff, take an active part in student conferences of the university and other universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the competition “My own business” at Miras University: students of the Kazakh language and literature specialty participated in the international student academic conference “Language and Culture in XXI century "KazNPU named after Abay in Almaty, April 2019, received second-degree diplomas for participating in this conference.
This academic year the research student group were allocated twice as many hours as there were before with the purpose of in-depth research work and improving research skills with students in spheres related to linguistic analysis and literature. The themes under the research extend outlook and academic background of students, ensures  language and professional competence of future specialists, a teacher of a new formation, able to creatively solve research, pedagogical and practical problems.
Social & Educational life
In the field of social and educational life the teaching staff of the sector is targeted at carrying out educational work in accordance with the laws, principles, and educational mechanisms of the pedagogical process. To this end, specific educational tasks are solved using a variety of forms and methods of educating and training students in and outside school hours: the formation of fundamental knowledge, skills and competencies required in professional activities; the formation of environmental, physical and ethical, legal culture and a culture of thinking; in-depth language training in the specialty. Therefore, teaching staff set high requirements to the texts, exercises within the training program, careful and sensitive words in the classroom and self-critical attitude to the model of a teacher.
The study of the Kazakh people’s heritage, the analysis of Kazakh literature, the introduction of methodological techniques to develop skills in working with texts of heroic legends, lyric poems and novels, not only Kazakh, but also foreign literature contribute to the better comprehending of art and handicrafts of the Kazakh people, enhance cultural knowledge in the field of the Kazakh language and literature, necessary in professional activities, form universal and social values, brought up in the spirit of patriotism, friendship of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan and tolerance.
Events held at different levels like, groups, courses, university in the forms of discussion, concerts, stage plays, contests, round table discsussions, quizzes, disputes, debates, etc. form  humanitarian sttitude, social and legal norms that regulate relations with people, society, environment, develop a culture of thinking, develop socio-ethical competencies: knowledge of local community and general values ​​based on public opinion, customs, norms, and orientation to them in their professional activities; knowledge of the traditions and culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan, the ability to work in a team, correctly defend one’s point of view, propose new solutions, be able to find compromises, strive for professional and personal growth.
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Logistical base
To provide teaching support for conducting classes at a higher level and in accordance with the requirements of state standards, classrooms are equipped with interactive boards, PCs and multimedia equipment. To enhance teaching audiovisual, technical (TCO) and multimedia teaching aids; pronunciation exercises, texts records, audio lessons, audio lectures; video production: video clips, video tutorials, video films, video lectures, computer training aids: electronic textbooks, tutorials, manuals, reference books, dictionaries, tests and educational games; Internet system: network databases, video conferencing, video broadcasting, virtual seminars, teleconferences are applied.
The use of audiovisual tools provides the implementation of intensive forms and methods of training, organization of self-learning activities, helps to increase the motivation of learning by using modern means of integrated presentation and handling of audiovisual information by increasing the level of emotional comprehension of information.