Sector of law




Manager: Anafiyaeva Sharkul Eralykyzy

Specialist, Practicing Lawyer

The sector prepares students for the training programs:
7M04201 - "Jurisprudence" (research and pedagogical direction)
7M04202 - "Jurisprudence" (profile direction)
6B04201 - “Law: Jurisprudence and Customs”
5В030100 - Jurisprudence
5B030400 – Customs
Currently staff of the sector involves 21 teachers.
Of them: 15 candidates of sciences, 4 masters, without a degree - 2.
The main goal of the sector is to ensure the effective management of training and research activities, the implementation of basic and additional training programs.
In a strategic perspective, the law sector is positioned as a research, law enforcement structure that supports fundamental education and spirituality as a guarantee of personal development and wealth of the nation and provides training for highly qualified and competitive specialists in the labor market in the field of law. The sector is improving the content of training programs in compliance with dynamically changing market requirements based on a competency-based approach in conjunction with employers; implementation of the training process by introducing the latest training programs and technologies; continuous improvement and updating of the training material base.
The relevance and demand for students' qualifications is determined by involving employers and specialists in the development of training programs.
Teaching faculty of the sector
  • Utarov K.A. с.l.s senior teacher
  • Rakhmetova G.R. c.l.s, senior teacher
  • Imashev B.E. c.l.s, senior teacher
  • Sultanova V.I. c.i.s Associate Professor
  • ZhanalievaA.Zh. c.l.s senior teacher
  • Altayeva M.O. Master, senior teacher
  • Beisenbaev M.A. Master, senior teacher
  • ZhumataevaZh.A. Master, senior teacher
  • OrazymbetovaZ.Sh. senior teacher
  • Sarsenova N. senior teacher
  • Shintaeva F.E. senior teacher
Training activity
The sector conducts academic work in the following disciplines:
- Disciplines for students of training programs "Law: Jurisprudence and Customs", "Jurisprudence" and "Customs";
- Disciplines for undergraduates of the training program "Jurisprudence";
- Disciplines of the general cycle "Modern History of Kazakhstan", "Philosophy", "Cultural Studies", "Political Science" and "Sociology" for all training programs of the university.
The teaching faculty conducts the training process in the form of interactive training based on modern information technologies, using various working methods. Active work is also being carried out to update the trainingsystem in the field of training.
In order to train highly qualified personnel and engage students in various forms of activity, the sector develops cooperation with organizations and institutions of the city (judicial, executive and representative bodies, law enforcement agencies, state and local authorities).
Teachers of the sector develop teaching manuals in all areas and training profiles presented at the university.
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Research activities of the teaching faculty and students of the sector
Research work is a significant and integral part of the university’s activities, in which university teachers, under- and postgraduates are involved.
Teachers of the sector are working on the topic: "The effectiveness of the reform of law enforcement and the judicial system." State registration number 0116РК00113.
The Law sector carries out active research activities of teaching faculty and students, which affects the quality of the implementation of training programs. Teaching faculty and students of the sector participate in international scientific and practical conferences of universities in Shymkent, Kazakhstan and abroad. The teaching faculty of the sector publish their articles not only in the proceedings of international conferences, but also in journals with impact factor and KKSON.
The generalization and systematization of the results of research work is presented in the publication of research articles on the problems under consideration.
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Educational work
Educational work is an essential component of the training activities of our sector and is carried out continuously both in the course of academic work and in after-hours.
The sector carries out various theoretical and practical training activities with students to form a cult of knowledge, attract students to public work, create a healthy moral and psychological climate in the training environment, culture a healthy lifestyle and “zero tolerance” for corruption, increase the level of culture and comprehensive development of the individual students.
All educational events are of great cognitive importance, are held in the state and Russian languages, help broaden the horizons of students, develop their interpersonal, creative and educational abilities.
The process of socialization of the student’s personality encompasses various areas of society and is implemented through the following main areas: spiritual, moral, cultural, recreational, informational.
During the academic year, each curator conducts discussions, contests, disputes, and round tables in supervised groups.
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International Relations (Activities)
Within cooperation with universities of near and far abroad, the sector establishes close relations with foreign universities for the exchange of experience and integration into the global educational space.
The sector conducts scientific and creative activities together with specialists from the departments of partner universities BitlisEren, Turkey, Eastern Economic and Humanitarian Academy, Ufa, Russian Federation.
Teachers of the sector conducted practical classes on academic mobility in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Students of the Jurisprudence training program studied at the Kyrgyz-Uzbek University under the academic mobility program.
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Material and technical base of the sector
For the high-quality organization of the training process and the implementation of research activities, the sector uses specialized classrooms, a courtroom, a forensic training ground, laboratory equipment, interactive whiteboards, and the necessary handouts.