Sector of chemistry and biology, physical culture and sports


Manager: Suleimenova Moldir Tursynbekovna

Candidate of Biology Science, Associate Professor at Miras University

The sector trains students for the majors:
7M01501 - "Biology"
6B01501 - “Teacher of Chemistry and Biology”
6B01401 - "Physical Culture and Sports"
5В011300 - "Biology"
The sector teaching faculty currently invovles 18 teachers.
Of these there are 3 Doctors of Sciences, 6 Candidates of Sciences, 4 postgraduates, with no degree – 5.
The goal of the sector is to ensure effective management of academic and research activities, the implementation of basic and additional training programs.
In a strategic perspective, the sector of chemistry and biology, physical culture and sports is positioned as an information and communication, creative, research structure that supports fundamental education and personal engagement as a guarantee of personal development and wealth of the nation, through the introduction of innovative educational technologies and the training of competitive specialists in the field of education.
The sector improves the content of the training programs in accordance with dynamically changing market requirements based on a competency-based approach in conjunction with employers; implementation of the academic process by introducing the cutting-edge training programs and technologies; continuous improvement and updating of its logistics and facilities.
The relevance of students' qualifications is determined by involving employers and specialists in writing training programs.
Teaching Faculty
  • Suleimenova M.T. - C.B.Sc, Associate Professor
  • Khalila Ә. N. - D.B.Sc., Professor
  • Zhanalieva R.N. - C.Ch.Sc., Professor
  • Saparbekov A.S. - C.B.Sc,. Lecturer
  • Ermekbaeva R.Zh. - C. Agr. Sc., Senior Lecturer
  • Shimelkova R.Zh. - C. Agr. Sc., Senior Lecturer
  • Erepbaev N.K. - C.P.Sc., Senior Lecturer
  • Huseynov M.G. - Honored Trainer, Senior Lecturer
  • Kuanyshova S.E. - Senior Lecturer
  • Iksanova N.F. - Senior Lecturer
  • Sharafutdinov I.S. - Senior Lecturer
  • Sultanov S.S. Senior Lecturer
  • Yusupov M.A. Senior Lecturer
  • Yunusova S.G. Senior Lecturer
  • Esenbekova A.Sh. Senior Lecturer
  • Shakirova N.K. Master, Lecturer
  • Nұrman Қ.Қ. Master, Lecturer
  • Turakhanov D.N. Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Ibadullaeva S.Zh. D.B.Sc, Professor
Academic Life
The faculty of the sector conducts the academic process in the following disciplnes:
- "Physiology of schoolchildren development" for all students of training programs of the pedagogical direction;
- “Physical Culture” for students of all training programs of the university;
- Disciplines for students of thetraining program 6B01501 - “Teacher of Chemistry and Biology”;
- Disciplines for the major 5B011300 - "Biology";
- Disciplines for students of the training program 6B01401 - "Physical Culture and Sports".
- Disciplines for undergraduates of the educational program 7M01501 - Biology".
The faculty of the sector conducts the academic process in the form of interactive training based on interactive information technologies; active work is being carried out to update the educational system in the field of education.
To train highly qualified personnel and engage students in various forms of pedagogical activity, the sector enhance partnership with educational institutions of the city (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges).
The faculty of the sector have develop textbooks and teaching manuals in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages on the implemented training programs of the sector.
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Research Activities of Faculty and Students of the Sector
Research work is a significant and integral part of the university’s activities, in which university teachers, undergraduates and postgraduates are involved.
Teaching faculty of the sector are conducting research on the topic “Development of promising materials and innovative technologies in natural sciences”. State registration number 0116ҚР00112.
The sector of chemistry and biology, physical education and sports carries out active research activities of faculty and students, which affects the quality of educational programs. Faculty and teaching sectors participate in international scientific and practical conferences of universities in Shymkent, Kazakhstan and abroad. The teaching staff of the sector publish their papers not only in the proceedings of the international conference, but also in journals with impact factor, CCSESc and RRSC.
Generalization and systematization of research work outcomes are published in scientific papers on the problems under consideration. The syllabuses of the disciplines, implementation of research achievements in training programs, which provide current and relevant nature of training aimed at obtaining and applying new knowledge to achieve practical goals and solve specific problems of chemistry, biology and physical education, as well as educational teaching aids.
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Social & Educational life
Social & Educational work is an essential component of student life at the sector and is carried out continuously both within academic studying and in after-class events.
The sector conducts various thery-based and practical social and educational activities with students to form a cult of knowledge, attract students to social work, create a healthy moral and psychological climate of the educational environment, culture of a healthy lifestyle and "zero tolerance" to corruption, increase the level of culture and comprehensive development of individual students. Students and teachers of the sector are actively volunteering at orphanages, charity events.
The process of socialization of the student’s personality encompasses various spheres of community life and is implemented in the following main areas: spiritual, moral, cultural, recreational, informational.
During the academic year each tutor conducts discussions, contests, disputes, and round tables in supervised groups.
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International Relations
Within the framework of cooperation with universities near and far abroad the sector has established close relations with foreign universities for exchange of experience and integration into the global educational space.
Within the framework of cooperation with universities of near and far abroad, the sector has established close relations with foreign universities partners for the exchange of experience and integration into the global educational space. The sector collaborates with Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University named after I. Arabaeva (Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek), Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Russian Federation) and the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
In the view that the development of academic mobility of faculty and students is a means of supporting the international training market, the sector of chemistry and biology, physical education and sports is working on the implementation of external academic mobility programs, for which an agreement was signed with the Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabaev. 
To increase exchange international pedagogical experience in chemistry, biology and physical education sectors, the Master, Senior Lecturer Baigulova Roza Usenovna and the Master, Senior Lecturer Kabylbekova Aisulu Tenelkhanovna, as well as students of the training program "Biology" were trained at the Kyrgyz State University. A. Arabaev within the program of academic mobility.
Research fellower at the Laboratory for Environmental Assessment and Biological Diversity Management, Kuzbass Botanical Garden, FIC UUH SB RAS, Ph.D. Kupriyanov Oleg Alekseevich conducted a seminar for students of the Miras University on the topic: “Methods of maintaining biological diversity”.
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Logistics and Facilities
To ensure high-quality organization of the training process and implementation of research activities, specialized laboratory rooms are assigned to the sector:
- Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry,
- Laboratory of General Chemistry,
- Laboratory of Anatomy and Physiology;
- Laboratory of cytology, histology, molecular biology and genetics;
- Laboratory of General Biology, equipped with modern tools, technical teaching aids, chemical glassware, classrooms equipped with computers, multimedia equipment, interactive whiteboards, necessary handouts, etc.