Educational directions


Specialty Direction А → Direction B → Direction C →
Computer Studying System Analyst and Project Management Web and Network Technologies Applied Informatics and Enterprise Management Systems
Information Systems System integration and Information Systems Administration Designing Information Systems and Project Management Information Systems and Network Technologies
Computer Science and Software Engineering Software and Hardware Systems and Networks System Analysis and Computer Modeling System Administration and Computer Programming
Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications Telecommunication Networks and Switching Systems Electronic Systems and Network Technologies Mobile Radio Systems and Broadcasting
Finance Banking Taxes and Taxation Insurance
Accounting and Auditing Accounting and Audit at Enterprises Accounting and Audit at Budget Institutions Accounting and Audit in Banks and Non-bank Institutions
Economics Enterprise Economy Economy (by industry and field of activity) World Economy and Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprises
Management Management (by industry and field of activity) Management in the Public Sector Logistics Management
Tourism Tourism Management Management of Hotel and Restaurant Business Excursion and Animation Activities
Jurisprudence Fundamentals of the Theory of State and Law Civil Law and Practice of Compiling Civil-Law Documents Criminal Law
Customs Customs Control Law Enforcement Activities of Customs Authorities International Customs Activities
Chemistry Teacher of Chemistry at Secondary and Vocational Educational Institutions Specialist of State Structures of Various Levels (departments of education, akimats, chemical laboratories) Researc Fellow in Profile Disciplines in Various Scientific and Scientific-Production Establishments
Biology Teacher of Biology of Secondary and Vocational Educational Institution Specialist of Education Departments, Akimats, Institutions on Landscaping and Ecology Research Fellow of Scientific Research Institutes
Pedagogics and Psychology Teacher-Psychologist of Educational Institutions Social Teacher-Psychologist Specialist of Psychological and Pedagogical Service of Educational Institutions
Pedagogics and Methods of Primary education Primary School Teacher Teacher-Psychologist at Primary School Teacher-Methodologist at Primary School
Kazakh language and literature Teacher of the Kazakh Language and Literature Linguist and the Teacher of the Kazakh Language and Literature Teacher-Methodist of the Kazakh Language and Literature
Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages Teacher of the English as a Foreign Language Teacher of the English Language at Primary school Teacher of English Language at Profile School
Interpreter Specialist in Consecutive Interpreting Specialist of Written Translation Specialist of Literary Translation
Design Architectural Design Fashion Design Graphic Design


Master Degree

Specialty Direction А → Direction B → Direction C →
Computer Studying (Profile course) Information Tecnologies and Systems Design of Computer Systems and Networks Methods and Tools for Designing Software Packages
Computer Studying (Scientific and Teaching Training) Teacher of Computer Studying at Higher Education, Specialist in Programming and Computing Suites Modern Software Design Systems Methods and Tools for Designing Software Packages
Management (Profile course) Specialist at Enterprise Management Specialist in Business Process Management Specialist in State Regulation of Economy
Management (Scientific and Teaching Training) Teacher - Specialist at Enterprise and Educational Institution Management Specialist in Business Process Research and Management Specialist in Research, Management and State Regulation of the Economy
Finance (Profile Training) Organization of Financial Activities Current State of Financial Markets Finance and Financial Systems Abroad
Finance (Scientific and Teaching Training) Curent Financial Istruments and Banking Services Financial Markets and Banking Finance and Financial Management
Biology (Scientific and Teaching Training) Teacher of Biology at Universities, Colleges, Gymnasiums, Research Institutes and Institutions Specialist of Education Department, Design and Geobotanical Institutions, Environmental and Nature Departments Research Fellow for Research Implementation in the field of Nature Protection and Ecology
Pedagogics and Psychology (Scientific and Teaching Training) Teacher of Pedagogy and Psychology at Universities, Colleges, Gymnasiums, Scientific Research Institutes and Institutions of Scientific and Methodological Support Teacher-Psychologist Specialist in Individual and Personal Development of Students, Socialization of an Individual in Various Educational Organizations Managerial and Social-Pedagogical Activity at Educational Institutions and Training Centers

Latest News

On September 18, 2019, Candidate of Law, Senior Lecturer Imashev B.E. held a lecture for the first-year students in the field of Law and Customs on the topic: Ensuring work to increase the ...
 On October 4, 2019, in Miras University was organized a meeting with foreign students and members of the informational- explanatory group at the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. During the ...
On September 19, 2019, in the groups BF-911 k-4, BF-911 k-5, was held a meeting with Abilkhair Nurkhalievich Kasymbekov, director of the consumer lending department JBC of Alfa-Bank. Purpose of ...
On October 14, 2019, a debate was organized at the Miras University with the Anti-Corruption Department on the topic: “Integrity and the rule of law are the key to a successful nation”. The jury was ...
On September 13, 2019 Students of Miras University, specialty 5B010800 "Physical Culture and Sports" with a senior teacher S. Yunusova took part in the organization of the festival “Densaulyk ...
On September 27, 2019, Ospanova Nargiz, a specialist in the charitable foundation for protecting children from AIDS, organized a training on reproductive health among students of Miras University as ...
September 27, 2019 senior teacher of law and customs department Beisenbaev M.A. held a lecture for first-year students on the topic: "A look into the future: the modernization of consciousness." ...
On September 23, 2019 in the groups DI-811R-1, DI-811R-2 in 108 classrooms of the Miras University was held an open thematic hour on the topic: “Family Day”.The goal of an open thematic hour: ...