Academic mobility

Academic mobility is an opportunity for students and teachers to move to another higher institution, within a country or abroad, in order to study or make a research for a specific academic period. Academic mobility is one of the priorities of Miras University.

Academic mobility in our university has two main directions: studying of the students at other university partners in Kazakhstan and studying abroad.   The mobility programs are executed within a framework of agreements between the university partners.

Academic mobility gives an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, young scientists to live, study, work, intern in any cities of Kazakhstan and other countries, to learn other cultures, to make friends from different cities, countries and continents.

Study program of academic mobility allows our undergraduate and graduate students to improve their foreign language, to deepen the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, to learn better the country of study, to meet Kazakhstani and foreign peers.
As a consequence, the great experience of international communication helps to develop necessary professional qualities: respect for a foreign culture, tolerance, initiative, foresight and so on.


Report on academic mobility of teachers

As part of the implementation of the international agreement on cooperation in the field of educational and scientific activities №09/342-1 dated December 14, 2017 Miras University with Kyrgyz state University. I. Arabaev Kyrgyz state University (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) Professor-teaching staff of the faculty of pedagogy, art and languages in the amount of 8 people (Yefremova N.Yu., Komekbaeva L. M., Bekmuratova A. B., Sikimbaeva A. B., Kabylbekova A. T., Alibaeva A. A., Borodulina L. Yu., Baygulova R. W.) was sent for training and exchange of experiences the program of academic mobility. During the trip, a meeting was held with the rector of the Kyrgyz state University. I. Arabaev by T. A. Abdyrahmanova, Vice-rector for education –by T. A. Konurbaev, head of the training Department by O. E. Kapalbaev, as well as deans of the faculty of education by D. W. Baisalov, faculty of biology and chemistry by M. J. Chorov, Department of linguistics by S. J. Musaev. Teaching staff of the faculty of pedagogy, art and languages conducted classes (lectures, practical/laboratory classes, as well as master classes) from 04.02.19 to 15.02.19 in accordance with the curricula and disciplines of the partner University.

Certificates of teachers on academic mobility


Report on academic mobility of teachers

Within the framework of the international agreement on cooperation in the field of educational and scientific activities No. 09/337 of November 22, 2017, Miras University with the Kyrgyz - Uzbek University Abdizhapparov A. T. and Abdurazakov N. Ch. visited Kyrgyz-Uzbek University in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Meetings were held with the rector of Kyrgyz - Uzbek University by Raiymbaev Ch. K., Vice-rector for science by Ismanova M. M., Director of the training Department, Yusupov A. Sh., faculty of financial-economic faculty headed by the Dean Abzhamilova A. Sh. Also met with professors of the engineering faculty, headed by Dean Omurbekova G. K. and the faculty of legal and customs Department, headed by the Dean Kokeeva A.M.  Abdijaparov A.T. and Abdurazakov, N. Ch. conducted lectures for students of economic faculty in the disciplines "Banking", "securities Market", " Accounting".

Photo-report on academic mobility of teachers



FulBright Program

The program of academic mobility in the period from 13 February to 24 March 2019 Professor Russell E. McMahon, med associate Professor assistant information technology Director of the BSIT the University of Cincinnati visited the University "Miras" at the Fulbright program.

Professor Russell E. McMahon, MEd Associate Professor of Information Technology Assistant Director of the BSIT Degree University of Cincinnati, who arrived from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) held a number of seminars, discussions and lectures, as well as provided support to the staff of the Department on issues of interest, in particular, they were reviewed and approved programs of disciplines: "Programming in C++" and "Object-oriented programming", indicating that the theme is chosen correctly in accordance with the significance of the topics.

For the successful development of the discipline in the basic subject "Programming in C++" for specialties: "computer Science", "Information systems", "Computer science and software" Professor Russell E. McMahon recommended additional Internet resources and shared his experience in preparing assignments for students; for senior students suggested an online resource on the subject "Operating systems" and provided the necessary links to methodological guidance on terminology;


The Professor provided valuable information for students, for example:

  • to publish scientific articles requires the use of the website;
  • talked about vosmozhnost the introduction of moodle in education;
  • pointed to the use of MS PowerBI program in the discipline "data analysis»;
  • revealed wide application of Python, Erlang, Elixir, Haskell, C#, JavaScript languages in programming;
  • suggested how best to implement team projects;
  • pointed to the importance of using improvisation and game methods in teaching and learning, etc.

Professor Russell E. McMahon held a number of training seminars for the teaching staff, demonstrated the methodology of binary classes. He shared valuable experience of learning English and French with teachers and students.

The topics of seminars for teachers and students were diverse:

«Application of improvisation for the development of knowledge in the field of Hyper-security»

«Using improvisation to develop students ' communication skills»;

«Operating systems»;

«Modern Programming Languages»;

«Object-oriented programming»;

The Department of information technologies and telecommunications together with Professor Russell E. McMahon plans to publish an article in English. ( online resource).





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