Department Office Registrar

The Office of the Registrar - department is a service engaged in recording the entire history of students' academic achievements and calculating their academic rating, ensuring the organization of all types of knowledge control. In their activities, they interact with the heads and employees of university departments, vice-rectors, rectors, faculties, departments, accounting, the department of administrative management and personnel and other departments of the University, and other organizations and institutions.
The main structural units of the PR are:
• Office receptionists
• Student office
• Student Service Center
• Archive
The functions and tasks of the department office registrar include:
- filling out registration forms, managing a system for confirming enrollment in courses and fixing failures;
- coordination of student lists, the formation of academic groups and streams based on the results of students enrolling in disciplines;
- draws up and submits for approval the vice-rector for academic and
methodical work lesson schedule;
- exercises control over examinations in accordance with
the approved schedule, monitors students' academic achievements in accordance with the schedule of control measures developed by the registration department
for the school year;
- coordination of grading policy, storage of records of academic performance of students, ranking students, GPA calculation
- management and provision of information and reports to the administration and
MES RK, filling out state reporting forms;
- accounting and movement of the contingent of students and undergraduates: enrollment,
deduction - for academic failure, non-payment for studies,
loss of contact with the university, restoration of previously expelled students,
transfers from other universities and to other universities, within the university,
preparation of academic leave, according to orders, monthly, quarterly draw up a report on the movement of the contingent
students and undergraduates;
- provide university students with diplomas, academic
certificates, test books, student cards;
- control the design of students ’personal files and timely contribute to
change them, register and control orders for the movement of the contingent
students to ensure timely and correct input of information into
electronic database within its competence;
- prepare personal files of students for transfer to the archive;
- conducting major events in the academic life of the university
(graduation, holding meetings of bachelors and masters,
honoring students; analysis and statistical reporting).
- providing and managing information necessary for the student, providing information and reports for teachers, directors, university administration;
- acceptance of applications from students and undergraduates: admission, deduction - for
academic failure, failure to pay tuition, loss of connection with
university, restoration, previously expelled students, transfers from
other universities and other universities, inside the university, registration
academic leave;
- ensuring the selection, streamlining, acquisition, use,
safety of documents accepted into the archive (including completed
paperwork of practical documents).
- preparation and timely transfer to state storage
in documents of the Archival Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan formed in the organization’s activities.
- organizes storage and ensures the safety of documents received
to the archive.
- participates in the development of the nomenclature of cases, checks the correctness
their formation and design when transferring to the archive.
- monitors the status of documents, the timeliness of their restoration,
compliance with the conditions in the archive premises necessary to ensure
their safety.