Head of Administrative Management and Personnel: Askar Muigtarovich Aygabilov
 DAMP is an independent structural unit of the Miras University. The DAMP is created and liquidated by the order of the Miras President.
He reports directly to the president of the Miras University.
The structure of the department of administrative management and personnel is headed by the chief. The appointment to the position of the department of administrative management and personnel head is carried out by the president of the Miras University, The requirements for this position involve: higher education and work experience. The structure and staff of the DAMP are approved by the president on the proposal of the head of the department. The DAMP staffing includes three units: the head of the DAMP - 1 unit, the specialist of the DAMP - 2 units.
The main functions include developing a personnel policy and university strategy. Staffing with employees of the required professions, specialties and qualifications in accordance with the Goals, Strategy and Personnel Policy of the University. Registration of the reception, transfer and dismissal of workers are conducted in compliance with labor laws, regulations, instructions and orders of the president of the university. Accounting personnel. Preparation of draft orders, instructions and instructions of the president on personnel issues and monitoring their implementation. Improving the system of work with personnel. Creating a personnel data base.