Chair of Information Technology and Telecommunications

Specialties at the Chair:

  • 5В060200 – Information Technologies
  • 5В070300 – Information Systems
  • 5В070400 – Computers and Software
  • 5В071900 – Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications
  • 6М060200 – Information Technologies (Master degree)

The Department of information technologies and telecommunications was established in 2015 on the basis of two departments – the Department of Informatics and information systems (year 2004) and the Department of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications (year 2012).

In accordance with the principles of the Bologna process, the Department of information technology and telecommunications provides training with higher and postgraduate education: - bachelor 5B060200 – Informatics, 5B070300 – Information systems, 5B070400 – Computer science and software, 5B071900 – radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications; - master 6M060200 – Informatics.

The number of teaching staff is – 33 people. Among the teaching staff – 2 doctors, 13 candidates of Sciences, 14 masters degree of teaching staff is – 45.5%. All teachers involved in the educational process have basic education.


Strategic task of the Department

Name, main activities of the Department:

The Department introduced a credit system of education, which stimulates active independent work of students, ensures the election of individual educational trajectory, mobility, a greater degree of academic freedom, promotes the recognition of documents on education in the world educational space.

The main activity of the teaching staff of the Department is educational, methodical, research, organizational and educational work, as well as international cooperation.


The main goals and objectives of the Department:

The purpose of the Department – training of popular, competitive and highly qualified personnel with modern research methods and technologies in the field of theory and practice of information and communication technologies, it-services of enterprises, able to assess and analyze the current state of the industry, to identify problems in their professional field and to navigate the trends of information and communication technologies (computer science, information systems, computer science and software, radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications).


  • quality implementation of educational programs through the integration of educational and scientific activities;
  • training of highly qualified personnel, based on the widespread use of distance and e-learning technologies;
  • formation of telecommunication infrastructure and material resources that meet the modern requirements of the educational process;
  • expansion of relations with social partners, customers of educational services, employers;
  • integration of the educational process and research at all stages of training of students and undergraduates, scientific and methodological support of professional training in the world educational space on the basis of numerous links with leading universities of near and far abroad;
  • popularization of scientific and pedagogical knowledge, presentation of scientific achievements of the faculty of the Department of near and far abroad.



Chair Staff

Head of the department:
Koshkinbaeva Madina Zholdykaraevna

Candidate of Technical Sciences, senior teacher


  • Ospanova Ayman – doctor of technical sciences, professor
  • Muratov Ablakim Satbaevich – doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
  • Duysenov Nurzak Zheztayevich – candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  • Karasheva Kulsayra – candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Rogovoy Alexander Viktorovich – candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Zhukova Tatyana Alekseevna – candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Ignashova Lyudmila Viktorovna – candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Utenov Nauat Marzenovich – candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  • Saribaev Abdushukur Satibaldievich – candidate of technical sciences, senior teacher
  • Ospanova Rakhima Dzhulibayevna – candidate of technical sciences, senior teacher
  • Kozhabekova Pernekul Akberdievna – candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  • Dausheeva Nurzhamal Nurtureevna – candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  • Nauryzbayeva Kaldybay Kulsinbayevich – candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  • Uralov Baidulla Kidirbaevich – candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  • Kozhabekov Erlan Ateshbaevich – Senior Lecturer
  • Tolemanova Akmaral Orazalievna – Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Tazhibaeva Bakhyt Tasbulatovna – Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Mamadiyeva Kymbat Khanalievna – Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Saidirasulov Saidhon Saydiagzamovich – Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Ashirbekov Agadil Nuradilovich – Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Yusvalieva Dilnora Yuldashbekovna – Senior Lecturer
  • Dzhainarov Marzhan Ershoraevna – Master, senior teacher
  • Manatkyzy Zhanar – Master, teacher
  • Moldakhmetova Karlygash Nurlanovna – Master, teacher
  • Dzholdasbekov Dzharkinbek Ospanalievich – specialist, teacher, engineer
  • Sultamuratov Bayzhan – Specialist, Senior Lecturer, Engineer
  • Alimbekova Assel Tokbergenovna – Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Ermanova Dina Rustamovna – Master, Senior Lecturer
  • Sarybay Madina Abdіshүkіrқyzy – Master, teacher
  • Koshkinbaev Sauletbek Zholdykaraevich – Master, teacher
  • Mukhiddinov Jorabek – Master, teacher
  • Gak Galina Vladimirovna – Master, teacher
  • Eshmakambetova Sanduғash Mirambekyzy – Assistant Chair
  • Baқytzhan Guldana Baқytzhanқyzy – Assistant Chair
  • Sarybai Danabek – laboratory assistant of the department
  • Іsіlkhanova Aigerіm – laboratory assistant of the department



Places of the Practice

The base of practice is an enterprise, institution or organization to which a group of students (student) of an institution of higher education is sent to practice.

The department is constantly working to consolidate students during the passage of all types of practices in the relevant enterprises of the city.

For specialties: 5В070400 – Computer engineering and software, 5В070300 – Information systems, 5В060200 – Computer science we have agreements with the following practice bases:

  1. «Алма-ТВ» LLP – the operator of cable television, data transmission
  2. «Транстелеком» JSC – one of the largest operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan, specializes in providing a wide range of telecommunication services, as well as infocommunication services.
  3. «Энергосервис ЭТЛ» LLP – energy expertise, laboratory tests, design and survey work, budgeting, preparation of technical documentation, electrical work, construction of overhead and cable lines.
  4. ҚР ҰЭМ Статистика комитетініз АЕО РМК-ның ОҚО бойынша филиалы – it is one of the largest enterprises in the field of information and computing services, equipped with high-performance servers and computers, combined in corporate and external networks.
  5. «Информационный центр Шымкента» LLP – publishing activity
  6. «Unikassa» LLP – installation of payment terminals.
  7. South-Kazakhstan state University named after Mukhtar Auezov – the largest and versatile University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientific and educational, intellectual, cultural center of the region.


Specialty 5B071900 - radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications have contracts with the following organizations:

  1. «ЛКС-сервис» LLP – строительно-монтажные работы.
  2. «Казтелерадио» ТО ОДРТ – services of digital terrestrial television, services of project activity, services of satellite broadcasting "OTAU-TV", services of data transmission and access to the Internet.
  3. «Unicom-security» LLP – engaged in sales and installation of video surveillance systems, as well as we can buy video intercoms, access control systems, anti-theft systems, radio stations and more.
  4. «Эфа-1» LLP – security services, security and safety systems, installation of security and fire systems.
  5. ФАО «Национальная компания» Қазақстан Темір Жолы «Шымкентская дистанция сигнализации и связи».
  6. «Пеленг» LLP – design,development, installation and sale of devices OPS,security systems,access restrictions,fire safety systems,as well as has its own development of security technologies.The Agency has an opportunity to protect objects by means of the city control panel of protection not only in Shymkent,but also in all regional centers of SKR. With the help of modern technology of radio monitoring provides operational control of the situation in the protected sites.
  7. «Фобос» LLP – security services, security and safety systems, installation of security and fire systems.
  8. Southern Regional Directorate of telecommunications – branch of Kazakhtelecom JSC – Kazakhstan telecommunication company having the status of national company. It is the largest operator of fixed telephony in Kazakhstan, as well as one of the largest operators of the National data network. Provides services of broadband Internet access, interactive television, cellular communication, local, Telegraph and long-distance telephone, etc.



Laboratory facilities

The training process uses 3 specialized laboratory classrooms and 5 computer labs, 1 engineering offices, 1 laboratory for hardware software computer systems and networks meet the requirements of SES. These laboratories have special equipment that contributes to the formation of the necessary research, practical and computer skills. As well as a satellite dish, an expanded set of tools and components for robotics, digital TVs for effective practical and laboratory classes in all specialties of the Department and for courses in robotics.

The equipment of specialized laboratories is used in the study of such disciplines as "electronics and circuitry of analog devices", "Microprocessor technology", "Fundamentals of radio engineering and telecommunications", "digital communication Technologies", "multi-Channel telecommunication systems", "wireless communication Technologies", "IP-telephony", "Object-oriented programming", "Computer networks", "database Theory", "Operating systems", "programming Technologies", "System programming", "Communication networks and switching systems", "Internet technologies", "Web technologies", "Fundamentals of communication systems", "Architecture of computer systems" and others.



Student life, clubs

In the implementation of the research work of students (NIRS) involved students of all courses, starting with the first, who present their scientific reports at student conferences, round tables, debates, meetings and seminars.

The Department of information technologies and telecommunications annually hosts the 1st stage of the National competition of NIRS, as well as SNPC, where the coverage of students is more than 30%, the annual participation of scientific works of students in student competitions on projects.

At the Department of IIT operates SNK programmer, which involves students majoring in computer Science, Information systems, Computer technology and software, a total of 52 people. Group leader – teacher of the year Z. activities of the group - information, computing, programming, information systems. Members of the circle are engaged in programming, including mobile applications, design of computing devices based on microelectronics. Members of the circle actively participate in student scientific conferences, competitions, competitions of scientific projects.

Also operates SNK "Telecom", which involves students majoring in radio Engineering, electronics and telecommunications only 52 people. The head of the circle – senior lecturer Kozhabekov E. A. the Task of the head of the circle — to satisfy and develop the interests of the circle to radio engineering. Directions of work of the circle – radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, switching. Training is focused on the development of technical and creative abilities, the formation of logical thinking, the ability to analyze and design.

Since 2017, the Department operates student design Bureau "Telecommunications of the 21st century." Young radio Amateurs not only learn to mount radio structures, but also study the physical processes taking place in them, understand the work of a particular device, are able to make simple calculations of blocks and assemblies of equipment. On the example of the study of models and simple mechanisms guys better understand the device of modern technology.

Within the framework of the week of specialties of the Department of information technologies and telecommunications (April 2018), a Forum of software developers (Hackathon) was organized by Cod UP IT School and Miras University. The theme of the Hackathon – "How to develop tourism through the IT industry" (moderator from the Department of it – master, senior lecturer Saidrasulov S. S.), which, in addition to students of the "Miras" University, was attended by students of colleges and schools in the city.

The Miras University, together with CodUp, organized for students of the university courses on mobile application React Native.

As part of the training center for additional and non-formal education, a course in robotics was organized (qualification “Developer of robots based on Arduino UNO”). The course is conducted by the master, senior teacher Saidirasulov SS.

Students Abdurazakov T. (group RET-611p-1) and Pivkin A. (group RET-711p-1) with the project "Innovative Massagers for Cattle" participated in the National Competition of youth business projects "STARTUP BOLASHAK - MEN ARMAN", passed the qualifying stage and reached the quarter finals.

Within the framework of the project, the following students participated in the competition “Own business 2018”.

  1. Mobile and Internet applications, the author is a student of the IS-611k-1 group Erimbekov E.E., supervisor - master, senior teacher Mamadieva K.Kh.
  2. Promotion of business through the WIFI network, the authors are a student of the VT-511p-1 group Agayev A. and a student of the UA-511p-1 group Yuldashev Zh., The supervisor is a master, the senior teacher Saidirasulov SS - passed to the final of the competition.
  3. The company RTA is an innovative electronic device, the authors are RET-611p-1 student of the group Abdurazakov T. and PET-711r-1 student of the group Pivkin A., the supervisor is Ph.D., associate professor Rogovoy AV - passed to the final of the competition.

A start-up project of students Abdurazakova T., Pivkina A., Kholodkova D. and Saveliev V. on the topic “Management of advertising billboards via SMS” was presented at the forum “Dialog of generations” 10.10.2018.

Student Saveliev Viktor participated in the workshop “PR Push Yourself”, organized by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan on 10/16/2018. The training workshop was devoted to the organization of start-up projects and the development of small business among young people.



Scientific activities of teaching staff

Implementation of research work (R & d) of the Department of information technology and telecommunications is aimed at the implementation of the mission of the University to train specialists with professional and personal competencies, practical skills through their involvement in the implementation of research work, as well as creating conditions for the full realization of the scientific and creative potential of the teaching staff. R & d is carried out in accordance with the strategic plan of Miras University, long-term plans of R & d and annual plans of R & d. The subject of research was the National Center of Scientific and technical information (NCSTI) in accordance with the rules of the initiative.

Miras University has a project "Design of modern software products and mobile applications". According to this project, a certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright "Automated system of management of the educational process" (2016) is received, scientific articles are published, master's theses are managed, the results are implemented in the educational process. In 2018, the application "Automated system of management of the educational process of higher education institution" was submitted for the competition on grant financing of the results of the NNTD of the science Fund of MES. The project began the development of the subproject "mobile application Development", aiming at commercialization, research project Manager, master, senior lecturer Saidrasulov S. S., the main contractor of the project – the student of group is-611к-1 Ulumbekov E. E., attract a specialist komekov S. (school of CodeUp programming).

In addition, there is a scientific project "Development of modern devices and software and hardware systems in the field of microelectronics, electrical engineering and radio engineering." Under this project, an application was submitted to the RSE for PCV "national Institute of intellectual property" of the MU of Kazakhstan, as a result, a patent for utility model № 2469 "Device for the study of integrated circuits", which is registered in the State register of utility models of the Republic of Kazakhstan 16.10.2017. Within the framework of the created student design Bureau, a "Software and hardware complex for recording working time and stay in the workplace" has been created, as well as the development of training stands showing the efficiency of electric current for educational purposes. The results of the project are implemented in the educational process. In 2018, the application "Creation of an experimental engine based on a permanent magnet with an automated control system for the production of electric energy for military equipment" was submitted for the competition for grant funding of the MINISTRY of defense and aerospace industry of Kazakhstan.

Under the contract with Tashkent University of information technologies (TUIT) developed a program and conducted in June 2018 foreign scientific training of undergraduates conducted joint research with Ph. D., Professor of TUIT Zindinova H. A., published 1 joint paper.

The contract was signed with Kyrgyz-Uzbek University (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek), in the framework of the academic mobility of teachers of the Department of Duisenov N. Well. Saribaev and A. S. conducted classes at KUU (05.04.2018-20.04.2018), and teachers KUU Dilaton W., Omarbekova G. K. and B. S. Rashedeen held classes at the University "Miras" (02.05.2018-14.05.2018) published 3 scientific articles.

The contract with SKSU is signed. M. Auezova, where the practice of undergraduates specialty 6M060200 – Informatics, teachers of the Department of information technology and telecommunications of the University "Miras" participated in the international scientific and practical conference "Industrial texhnology and engineering" in SKSU. M. Auezova and published 2 articles in the proceedings of the conference. Students of SKSU M. Saparov K. Auezov. and Orazbai Zh. with the report on "Comparative analysis of modern programming languages" participated in the international student scientific and practical conference of the University "Miras" topical issues of modern student science: realities and prospects", 23.11.2018.

Master, teacher Koshkinbayev S. J. directed the project "Artificial solar-wind-tree in the conditions of South of Kazakhstan" on the Republican contest of youth innovative projects NURINTECH, organized by the youth wing "Zhas Otan" under the party "Nur Otan" (27.11.2018).




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