Training on parliamentarism and role play “Model Mazhilis”

On April 25-26, Miras University hosted the Game “Model Mazhilis” for students. The game allowed the participants to try on the role of MPs and develop the skills of public speaking, make decisions and feel involved in the legislative process. This project was also useful for the leaders of the student government.

The trainer of the seminar was Zauresh Battalova - Chairman of The Board of the Foundation for the development of parliamentarism in Kazakhstan. This project was implemented with the support of the Foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Executive Director of the public Fund "Erkindik Kanaty" Elena Shvetsova took part in the training program.


On the first day, 25.04.2009 students were introduced how the Parliament system works, how the Mazhilis, Senate work. Also, acquainted with the presidential system of the government.

On the second day, 26.04.2009 the real situational game was simulated. Each student tried on one of the positions, tried to jointly decide on one of the global problems of our state. The working group consisted of the President and the Parliament consisting of 4 employees: the Prime Minister, the Minister of health, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of education. Also 2 Chambers were established: Senate and Mazhilis. The Consular Council and representatives of non-governmental organizations worked actively. The whole procedure was filmed by the media, which in the final showed the participants a heated debate. Various problems were sharply discussed, sometimes the opinions of the participants differed, but in General the teams agreed to work out the right solution. At the end of the seminar, each student expressed his opinion, many thanked for the opportunity to understand the whole mechanism of our government. Someone wished to become a Deputy from the people in the future to solve real problems at the government level.