Training seminar of the Public charity Fund "Ана үйі"

Public charity Fund "Ана үйі" began its work in may 2013. The main goal of the project is the prevention of social orphanhood, that is, every newborn child should be close to his mother and have a family. Experience has shown that women are on the verge of abandonment of the child due to the difficult social situation. Therefore, the project helps young mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy or with a newborn child aged 13 to 30 years.  In the "mother's House" women through psychological, social and legal support, have the opportunity to overcome the crisis.  


In addition, each year the project conducts training seminars for coordinators.

This year, from 25 to 26 April, the training seminar of the coordinators of the "mother's House" was held in Shymkent on the basis of the University "Miras", which contributed to the development of charity.

The administration of the Foundation thanks the University for helping to organize and conduct this event.