June 14, 2019, the opening of the exhibition OLD WORLD ORDER / NEW WORLD ORDERS a new exhibition of media art from contemporary British artists from the collection of the British Council and international art Agency Lux. The exhibition title can be translated into Russian as "Old world order / New world order". The presented works reveal the themes of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, modern culture, common identity and social cohesion. Six British artists explore these issues through biographical and documentary film, poetry and fiction. The exhibition was attended by Vice-rector for social work and international relations of Miras University V. I. Sultanov and M&E Language Education Specialist T.А. Letyaikina and teaching staff of the Department of language disciplines.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Prof. Jonathan Mahoney

May 3, 2019, at the University of Miras hosted a guest lecture by Professor, political philosopher from America Jonathan Mahoney. During the meeting, Jonathon Mahoney shared his impressions about Shymkent city, where he is visiting for the first time. He said that at the moment he is working in the neighboring state of Kyrgyzstan on the Fulbright project at the International University of ALA-ТОО and the International University of Kyrgyzstan.  

At Miras University Jonathan Mahoney gave a lecture on theme: General Info on Study in the U.S.

Training on parliamentarism and role play “Model Mazhilis”

On April 25-26, Miras University hosted the Game “Model Mazhilis” for students. The game allowed the participants to try on the role of MPs and develop the skills of public speaking, make decisions and feel involved in the legislative process. This project was also useful for the leaders of the student government.

The trainer of the seminar was Zauresh Battalova - Chairman of The Board of the Foundation for the development of parliamentarism in Kazakhstan. This project was implemented with the support of the Foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Executive Director of the public Fund "Erkindik Kanaty" Elena Shvetsova took part in the training program.

Drama competition "Francophonie – 2019»

April 15, 2019y with the support of the French Alliance in Kazakhstan was held a drama competition, organized by the French Alliance in Shymkent. The students of the Miras University presented the play «La Blanche-neige et les sept nains» by the writer Jacob Grimm in French.

Members of the jury were guests of the French Alliance Brugel Rais, Bruon Jeb and Gael Bal. The participants of the performance Zhaksylyk Feruza, Zhunisbekova Dinel, Iselimova Assel, Turganbaeva Marzhan were awarded in the nominations «Best pronunciation», «Best actress», «Merry actor», «Spectator sympathy».

Training seminar of the Public charity Fund "Ана үйі"

Public charity Fund "Ана үйі" began its work in may 2013. The main goal of the project is the prevention of social orphanhood, that is, every newborn child should be close to his mother and have a family. Experience has shown that women are on the verge of abandonment of the child due to the difficult social situation. Therefore, the project helps young mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy or with a newborn child aged 13 to 30 years.  In the "mother's House" women through psychological, social and legal support, have the opportunity to overcome the crisis.  

English Drama Youth Festival

March 30, Miras university students took part at the “English Drama Youth Festival -2019” initiated by the Department of Foreign Literature at Turkistan oblast universal scientific library named after A.S.Pushkin and American Corner Shymkent. There were more than 100 participants from all over Shymkent and regions.

For the youth of Shymkent and the region, this festival provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate the general public acting skills, vocal skills, English language skills and other talents, all their creative potential.
The format of the festival provided the participation on a competitive basis in a dramatic or puppet production, the performance of songs and poems in English. The participants of the festival who won top places received certificates and valuable prizes.

At the festival, Miras University presented a sketch “At the bus stop” by Nick Hornby,performed by 1st year students, group IN 811r1, IN 811r2.