Question: What does content mean in distance learning?
Answer: Content is information content - texts, graphics, multimedia and other informationally significant content of the educational process. Content can be represented by virtual laboratories, training videos, presentations, electronic textbooks, situational tasks, tasks in the form of tables, diagrams, etc. 
Question: Can I use the chat to assign tasks and check the completion of tasks for students?
Answer: Chat is an element of the distance learning system that allows the user to communicate with participants in the educational process belonging to his field of vision in real time via the Internet (synchronously, i.e. simultaneously).
Question: What educational materials are contained in Miras.App?
Answer: Syllabuses, lecture complexes, guidelines for practical classes and guidelines for students to do independent work are located at the CMC in Miras.app.
Question: What time are the lectures held?
Answer: all types of training sessions are held according to the schedule, which he can see in the “Schedule” module by logging into the system with his username and password.
Question: Will undergraduate, industrial and educational practice be transferred in the 2019-2020 academic year?
Answer: Changes have been made to the academic calendars of some educational programs (approved by the decision of the Academic Council of the university). For other educational programs, periods of practice will be conducted remotely.
Question: If for technical reasons the lesson could not be held according to the schedule?
Answer: If the lesson was not held for technical reasons (power outage, problems with the Internet connection, problems with the connection, etc.), additional time for the lesson will be assigned, agreed with the students and the head of the department.
Question: How will midterm control and examinations be conducted?
Answer: The organization of the current, midterm performance monitoring, intermediate and final certification of students is carried out in the information and educational portal Miras.app.
Conducting current, midterm performance monitoring, intermediate and final certification is allowed by:
1) direct communication of the student and teacher on-line using telecommunications facilities;
2) automated testing systems;
3) verification of individual written assignments.
Question: Where can I find all the necessary materials for distance learning?
Answer: The educational program and syllabuses in the disciplines of the current semester are presented to students in the "Education" section
Question: Where can I get all the relevant information?
Answer: all important announcements and current news will be published in the Infodesk section
Question: Is it obligatory to attend online classes?
Answer: Despite the lack of a QR system, the portal tracks the student’s online lectures. In order to avoid problems with the subsequent passing of the midterm testing and examination session - we strongly recommend attending classes.


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