Social work Department

Vice-rector for social work: Sultanova Valida Ilashbaevna

The Chairman of the youth Committee: Sonar Erzhan Saparuly

Adress: Sapak Datka, Administrative building, room #9

Phone number: +7 7252 33-77-77 (121)

The process of socialization of the student's personality at the University covers various spheres of life and is implemented through the following main areas of educational work:

  • Organizational work
  • Civil-Patriotic and legal education
  • Spiritual and moral education
  • Professional and labor education
  • The formation of religious tolerance
  • Physical education and healthy lifestyle formation
  • Ecological education
  • Development of intellectual and communicative culture
  • Cultural-aesthetic and multicultural education
  • Development of student self-government and youth initiatives


Main goals and objectives

The purpose of the educational work of the University Miras:

  • comprehensive and harmonious development of future specialists based on the principles of integrity and unity, scientific validity, continuities, planned character, stages of educational activities, creation of educational environment in the University.
  • Increasing attention to the problems of education of students, coordination of actions of all subjects of educational process in the solution of problems of youth in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Tasks of educational work:

  • enhance the corporate spirit of University students
  • to stimulate students to active public work;
  • form students ' negative attitude to corruption;
  • to involve in public activities all the students;
  • promote the idea of quality education, to instill in students a policy of academic integrity;
  • to form personal responsibility for the fate of Kazakhstan, active citizenship;
  • to develop mobility, competitiveness, positive value orientations, creative activity;
  • to develop organizational skills through orientation to the participation in self-government;
  • to form the scientific concept about a healthy way of life, instilling skills of spiritual and physical self-improvement;
  • to form the experience of interethnic and inter-social communication, to prevent conflicts;
  • to form a sense of corporate community, pride in belonging to the University





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On October 26, 2019, Candidate of Law, Senior Lecturer Imashev B.E.was held a lecture for first-year students, Topic of the lecture: “Anti-corruption policy”
On October 16, 2019, an open thematic hour was held for students of the RET-811k1, RET-811k2 groups on the theme: “Rukhani zhangyru - the basis of spiritual and moral education of a person”. ...
On September 25, 2019, Candidate of Law science. senior lecturer K. Utarov was held a lecture for the first-year students of the Law and Customs direction, The topic was: “Criminal liability for ...
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