Education and Social Center for Citizens of Shymkent

An educational and social center for residents of the city of Shymkent is functioning in the building of the University Miras at the address: May 1 - 10.

In partnership with the University of Miras, the following non-governmental organizations and commercial structures implement their activities on the basis of the center:

  1. Public Association "Teachers of the English FL of Shymkent 'Tesch".
  2. The association "Center for development of tourism industry of South Kazakhstan region."

Development and implementation of  tourism development programs in the SKO. Organization of public events with the participation of foreign participants are in the main events with this organization as well as implementation of major tourism projects at the regional level, together with the Akimat of SKO.

  1. Group of the Company 'Sary Arka'.

The main type of activity is organizing and conducting preparatory vocational courses for Shymkent residents. The purpose of the courses: employment of unemployed citizens by improving their professional skills.

  1. Association of legal entities in the form of an association of teachers and teachers of English «KazTEA».

ALE «KazTEA» is a professional organization that brings together 5 non-governmental organizations in the cities of Aktobe, Kokshetau, Taraz, Kyzylorda and Shymkent.  

The main objective of the Association is to improve professional skills of teachers of English in Kazakhstan, providing cooperation, research, exchange of information on national and international levels. In addition to the cooperation of teachers of English FL on a professional basis, the subject of the Association's activities is the implementation of joint coordinated actions in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science, Regional Departments of Education, Department of Youth Policy and Development of Languages ​​of urban and regional akimats in developing bylaws and decisions related to the area of teaching English at all levels of the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To achieve its goals since 1999 NGOs in the field have organizes academic conferences, teaching seminars, trainings, language summer camps. It provides educational, methodical and advisory services for the implementation of general and vocational programs; publish collections of academic conferences materials, newspapers; implement their own projects and participate in international educational projects of the British Council, US Embassy; distribute educational and methodological information among teachers of English.

  1. Child Development Centre "Aliyar".

At the Early Development Center "Aliar", you can teach a child to read and write, learn English, develop physically. At the center qualified, creative and experienced teachers are employed. Teachers at the center offer not to change the content, but the way a child is learning. The task of parents and teachers at the center is to give a powerful impetus to the development of the child's mental capacities at the beginning of their way. The prime goal is to develop a child's limitless potential, to enjoy the joy of their lives and the world. Children are taught to develop the ability to reason, evaluate and accept. Early Learning Center "Aliar" implements the following programs:

The early age and overall development program «Babyclub».

International Programme on Mental Arithmetic

UC MAS(Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System)

Extra programs for learning languages, authoring program for the development of creativity, children's fitness and choreography

  1. Dance studio GK.

A popular dance band of the city.

It conducts training of children, organizes competitions and final concerts.

  1. A center for iBT TOEFL preparation.
  2. A Training Center to participate in the Work & travel program - Owlwin.




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